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Picnic Pizza

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and head out to the great outdoors! The beach, a long drive or a picnic in the park are great weekend activities during this time.  But if you can't be bothered to fuss over the food yet at the same time, the thought  of burgers and shawarmas gag you, then slap on some tomato sauce, vegetables and  meat on any bread and you've got yourself some pretty awesome pizzas that are sure  to impress everybody.

Pizzas around the world
Aloha! If you want a slice of the tropical island of Hawaii, which is famous for its pineapples and other tropical fruits, then add those fruits to your pizza. Pineapple chunks is always the top choice or, if you're more adventurous, banana or corn.

Say cheese
Bring France's fascination with cheese to your crust and try exotic cheeses that you won't normally find offered in pizza parlours. For starters, try different grades of blue cheeses, feta or Camembert.

Sushi pizza
If you love sushi, you will love this Japanese version of a pizza. Instead of the usual pepperoni and anchovies, chop up some fresh or smoked salmon, squids and shrimps to use as your toppings. To add a little more authenticity, spread wasabe to you crust before spreading the tomato sauce.

Taste of arabia
If you want local flavours on your pizza, go ahead and put thinly sliced shawarma meat on top of your crust, combine with Halloumi and crown it with slices of pickled vegetables.

Spread refried beans to top of your crust, top up with tortilla chips, chopped black olives, jalapenos, cheese and finish of with a dollop of sour cream in the middle and what do you have? The answer to satisfying that craving for Mexican food.

1 Bread you can have sliced bread, French bread, plain ciabbatta bread, even bagels if that's what you want. Slice them to the desired thickness. If you want your pizzas to have a nice crunch to them, then make them about half an inch thick. 
1 Tomato sauce or diced fresh tomatoes 
1 Diced vegetables go with what you like that will easily cook, we suggest white onions, different-coloured bell peppers, olives, capers or mushrooms
1 Sliced and diced meat sauted ground beef, chicken, salami or whatever tickles your fancy
1 Grated cheese of course, never, ever forget the cheese. Try combining two or more kinds for that extra kick, say mozzarella for the texture and cheddar

For the taste
1 Salt and pepper to taste; dried or fresh basil and oregano
How to do it:
You can cook these pizzas using an ordinary toaster or your oven. If you're working with the oven, preheat it to 400F. Spread about two tablespoons of tomato sauce on top of the bread evenly. Sprinkle this with grated cheese. Make sure that the cheese does not reach the edges of the crust. When the cheese melts, it might just go over and mess up your oven. Follow through with any topping-combinations you want. Just make sure that you spread your ingredients evenly, and not let it pile up like a pyramid. When you've got enough for one batch, say six ready pizzas put it on the grill pan of your oven for 10-15 minutes and voila! You've got freshly-made pizza you can take to your picnic without the hassle. Don't forget to pack the Tobasco and some salt and pepper with it!

Great tip:
Almost any bread can be used as your pizza crust. It's a great way of finishing off day-old breads too! If you're feeling more adventurous try other vegetables like asparagus, artichokes and aubergines.

Source: Arabian Woman
Posted: 26/06/2008

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