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The Super Facial

There are many people who do not know the importance of a facial and how often it needs to be done. It is necessary that we maintain a beauty digest to help out with the various skin and body problems. A woman who is very particular about her appearance must take all efforts to find ways which will make her feel and look her best all the time. And facials do give a sense of upliftment.

FACIALS are divided into three stages.
The first stage
It is known as the cleansing stage, wherein the skin is cleansed and steamed to extract the black heads and white heads. You can cleanse your skin with Yoghurt, honey, glycerine, rose water, milk or tomato or cucumber slices. All these work as natural cleansers. These black heads and white heads block the pores of the skin and prevent the skin from breathing and are the cause of various skin disorders such as pimples, acne and sallowness.

The second stage
It is called the toning of the skin. Toning is achieved by massaging the skin, which does not make it sag. On the contrary, massage tones the skin. Everyone is aware that newborn babies are given massage to tone their bodies and the mothers are given special massage to rejuvenate them. Massage boosts the blood circulation, aiding absorption of creams and refining skin texture. When we are toning, we are shrinking the pores and firming the skin and also cleaning the skin from all the remains of the cleanser. You can tone with ice treatment, with ice wrapped in a muslin cloth or a cotton or use a chilled spray.

The warmth generated by the hand movement dilates the tiny blood vessels that feed the surface layers of the skin, thus boosting the supply of oxygen and micro-nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals etc.) that the skin needs for good health. It also relaxes both the mind and the body. The inner beauty in you is brought out when your face is relaxed.

The third and the final stage
It is the face pack. A face pack that you can use are Avocado, Egg, Yoghurt, Milk, Fruit juices and each of these can be used by itself or you can add oats to remove the extra dead skin and make the skin shine and polish the skin. A face pack revitalises the skin and improves the skin condition.

What is the ideal time for a facial?
Facial should be taken as a ritual after "menstruation". At this time, the skin is receptive to any treatment.

Tiny lines start appearing on the face after the age of twenty. Facials are for different age groups and skin conditions. No woman gets the same pack or massage during her facial.

The body during menstrual periods goes through hormone fluctuations, which increase oiliness and produce intermittent breakouts of spots. If you suffer from this type of breakout and there seems to be a cyclic link, take preventive action two or three days before the anticipated arrival of the period.

A few helpful face applications

  • Exfoliate skin with a mixture of oats and paste to remove dead cells and free press and use a home made astringent on potential problematic areas. Fill an ice tray with water mixed with two tablespoons of limejuice and allow to freeze. After every cleansing, take an ice cube and rub over the area. This serves as an excellent astringent and also closes the pores.
  • A greasy skin looks shiny, thick, slightly lifeless and often is a victim of blackheads. The summer heat makes the sebaceous glands produce more and more oil, thus causing enlarged pores. This type of skin specially requires more than one cleansing a day, as it is prone to attract dust and dirt, which clog the pores and produce blackheads. Avoid using cleansing cream. Instead use a cleansing lotion or cleansing milk to clean the skin. Remove with damp cotton wool and later dab on astringent, as this helps to tone the skin and improve the circulation. It gives a tingling freshness to an otherwise sluggish complexion.
  • An oily skin requires a refreshing mask - Take a tablespoon of camomile, mix it with 2 tablespoons hot water and leave for 10 minutes and then strain off. Mix this camomile liquid with oats to make a paste and add 1/2 tsp. honey.
  • If you wish to use a natural toner, a very effective and easy one to make is from tomatoes. Make a juice of tomato sieve and dab on skin with cotton wool. Tomato has acid, which helps to thoroughly clean the skin, clear the clogged pores and discourage blackheads. You may wish to just rub the tomato slice and leave for 10 minutes on face.
  • If you have a problem with greasy skin, your diet should be the very first thing to check. Avoid fried foods, soft drinks and white sugar. Instead, have fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, fish and add brewers yeast to your daily diet as brewers yeast helps to set normalise oily skin conditions.
  • If your skin type is oily, remember to always dab translucent powder before your make-up as it prevents the skin from shining and also helps to the make-up.
Source: Telelife

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