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Tips for a great Skin

Everyone is not blessed with beautiful and unblemished complexions. And every one of us would just love to have great skin. Our eating habits, mental state and beauty regimes will determine the condition of our skin. Here are some natural and easy-to-follow tips which will help you to have a supple and radiant skin, no matter what the season is.

Some Natural Cures

Daily care is very essential for the skin to remain in good condition. Before adopting any skin regime, it is vital to determine the skin type. The various skin types are normal, dry, oily, combination and mature. Cleansing is very important for all skin types. Toner should be used for dry and normal skin while oily and blemished skin requires astringent. There are no substitutes to natural products like fruits and dairy foods for your skin care, as these are always available and contain no preservatives. Fruits have natural enzymes, which treat skin gently and improve its condition. They always keep the skin cool and fresh.

Natural Skin Conditioners
For conditioning skins, which need lightening and softening, try strawberries pulped and spread on a cleansed skin. This also helps to avoid early wrinkling. You can also try cucumber as a mask as this cools the skin and bleaches the skin. Whenever I have had a hectic day, I spread grated cucumber over the face as the silicon and sulphur help the tired skin. A mask of grated carrots or pears is good for skin, which has been infected by pimples. This helps to disinfect and soothe the skin. Fresh pineapple when eaten provides the body with an enzyme called bromelain. The fruit if crushed and used as a mask removes dead cells and smoothens skin.

Summer Care
Our skin can be at its worst during summer. If we fail to take good care, it will take on a grey tinge, which will make your face look very dingy. So, try applying tomatoes pulped or cut in thin slices. The acid content in the tomatoes lightens and stimulates the skin. Apples can work wonders for your skin. It acts as a toner for oily skin. Prepare a facemask by grating a large apple finely and spread a layer all over your face, preferably when you are lying down. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off with cool water.

Natural Face Masks
Avocado fruit is very rich in oil. It is used on the skin to soothe and smoothen dry skin. Make a mask with ripe avocado and one teaspoon lemon juice and egg white. Soften enough to apply. Leave it on the face for 20 minutes and wash off with tepid water. You will notice a dry skin looking supple and glowing with this pack. This can be done every alternate day if you have an extremely dry skin. The Vitamin C content of carrots has excellent properties for skin disorders. Grate carrots or make into a thorough paste. Use this immediately on cleansed skin, specially blemished or pimpled skin. Carrots clean skin thoroughly to the pores.

Oranges are not just good to eat!
Again, oranges are very cooling and have a high bleaching property. I remember when we were in our adolescence, our neighbour used to keep orange peel to crisp dry. Later she would pound it into powder, mix it with milk and apply on her daughter's face. When asked, she said that it improved infected skin and also bleached the face. Orange is also a great skin tonic. Boil the peels in water and when cool, use as a skin tonic. You can rub the orange peel oil to brighten dingy knees and elbows.

Fruits are the lightest mask applied. They always make you feel fresh. If you feel that the application of these fruit packs is very messy, here is an easy method. Take a gauze, mix the paste well, wrap it in the gauze and bring to rest on the skin. Through the holes of the gauze, the enzymes will penetrate into the skin and function accordingly. Potatoes soften and lighten the skin. To reduce puffiness under the eyes - cut potatoes into thin slices, or grate them and place over the eyes. They are savers on those late nights. Rub raw potato slices on feet thoroughly. Leave the juice to dry and later rinse away with tepid water. When our feet have literally given way after a long and hectic day, this method helps to freshen the feet and body.

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