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Aging Gracefully

It is a normal tendency among people to focus only on beautifying their face and hair and neglect the other parts of their body like the neck, the back, the elbow, the thighs and the knees. The common reason being, they feel it is only the face and hair that attracts attention, and it wouldn't harm to ignore these other hidden areas. But the fact is, that if proper attention is not paid to the neck, back, elbows, knees, thighs etc., there is a definite chance of developing some specific skin problems. Therefore it is important that one takes care of these areas.

Daily care will help keep your whole body smooth and soft. You can follow the procedures I have listed below to improve your skin texture, colour and tone.


Being the most neglected area of the body, the neck gives away a woman's age almost before anything else. Neck must also be included in all the facial and beauty routines that we do i.e. cleansing, toning and nourishing. If your neck is already creepy looking and covered in fine lines, use a special nourishing cream every night and stimulate circulation by means of gentle massage. A sagging neck can be held by applying cold packs. If your neck looks dingy, make an oats paste, smoothening towards jaw area. Allow it to dry and rinse off with cold water.


If arms have a thickened, tough looking skin, which resembles a pale orange peel, they may be affected by cellulitis. This condition is caused by infection of the subcutaneous skin tissues on thighs and stomach. The deposit of fats can be broken with the help of a stringent massage.

Whiteheads often appear on the backs of the upper arm. This is caused by the acidity of the skin. This can be treated by using cleansers and wrapping the arms in warm towels for a few minutes. This will soften the skin and the whiteheads will slowly fall off. You can also use a loofah to remove the roughness of the skin.


Dry, wrinkled and reddish elbows need to be treated. Lean your elbows in halves of fresh lemons, which will lighten the elbows. Oatmeal paste mixed in warm milk when applied and left on to dry is an excellent treatment for softening the elbows. Regular massage with olive oil not only soften the elbows but it also smoothens the wrinkles which are caused with age.


Cellulite on thighs is quite common. Lack of exercise or poor diet is the reason for this. Tough, regular massage with friction mitt is of great help for blood circulation. Chilled baths help tone the skin and also aid in circulation.


Rub cleansing milk on the knees or use fresh cream with few drops of lemon juice instead. Leave on the knees for 10 minutes and then rinse off with lemon peel. If your knees look dry, then a massage with warm olive oil will help.


Spotty backs are often a problem for people who tend to have a greasy or combination facial skin. The spots will aggravate by contact with greasy hair or dandruff. The over-active sebaceous glands that cause the greasy secretions, which start the spots, are themselves stimulated by hormonal activity in the body, particularly in adolescence. The only remedy is to keep hair scrupulously clean by washing with vinegar diluted with lemon drops and water.


The feet can be softened with a solution of glycerine and juice of half lemon. Rub this on feet every night and wear cotton socks. Continue this exercise until your feet soften. You must never allow your feet to accumulate layers of dead skin. Always rub with pumice stone and use milk to clear hard skin on feet.

You must remember that your skin has its own chronological age, which may or may not coincide with your real age. It depends upon many factors, most of which accelerate and a few of which retard the ageing process.

Line erasing and face lifting techniques which promises to subtract years from the face and to restore its former bloom and texture does not necessarily work always. Your age will catch up with you and sooner or later, it will begin to show on your face.

Often women do not dress according to their age. A teenager likes to grow up quickly and will wear make-up even though she does not need it. And when she grows older, she wants to pass for a teenager.

Let us try and understand that even with correct skin and body care, a woman cannot look attractive at 40 and 50 as she did when she was 20. This is due to the fact that she is no longer young.

You must change your life style according to your age group. The shade of lipstick and eyeshadow that looked good on you at the age of 20 will not suit you when you are 40.

Skin tone and texture, hair colour and features all change gradually but noticeably as time passes. If at any stage, you feel that your application of make-up has become stale, then it is time you had a professional make-up lesson with an expert who will give you new ideas and fresh inspiration.

"COMING TO TERMS WITH AGE” is one of the best achievements of your life. This sound advice for all is from none other than the beautiful and mature actress Sophia Loren.

Age can be broken up into three brackets for analysis sake.

The Teens: This is the time for experimentation. Skin care routines learned now will stand you in good stead for your life. Teens spend hours in front of the mirror scrutinising their features, and often girls change their hairstyle. This is a time when they are extremely sensitive about parents critical advice.

The 20's: A time for confidence. You have had the experience to know which make-up and hairstyle will suit you. Skin care towards the end of this decade is particularly important. It is the time when fine lines start to appear.

30's and above: This is a time for boldness. A complete switch of hair colour and make-up can make you feel rejuvenated. Your body is probably in as good a shape as it was when you were in the 20's and if it is not so, then diet and exercise can help. Entertaining at home and going out for parties provides you with an opportunity to wear good clothes and good make-up to compliment them.

Being beautiful means making the most of your looks. It means knowing your physical drawbacks and doing what you can to overcome them. This is in fact one of the most fascinating aspects of beauty care, seeing yourself clearly and enjoying what you see, for you can visualise all the possibilities for beauty in your face and body.

A little care can work miracles and so why not work on yourself for a change.

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