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Stop chewing your nails!

The quickest and most effective way of cutting your nails is to bite them!? Right?! But please give your nail a break! Nails need careful attention - not frenzied biting. Some schools of thought say you should never cut them, just keep them neat with an emery board. If you do choose to cut them, you will be continuing a human habit that has existed for so long there are even superstitions about what day is best for a nail trim!!!

Staining nails for cosmetic enhancement is an old habit. One possibly positive side effect of wearing nail varnish is that it requires meticulous application, which makes you focus not just on your nails but on the needs of your hands too. But disadvantages tend to outweigh this rather abstract benefit. Low-grade nail varnish removers with the strength of paint stripper are even worse as these can strip off micro-organisms, which are at home on healthy nails. Oil-based removers are preferable.

Metal nail files and nail scissors are avoidable. Never trim cuticles around the nail bed. Instead, soften them with a rich moisturiser, a Cuticle Softener and push them back gently towards the base of the nail for neater-looking nails. You need to keep an eye on your nails - another of the body's barometers of general health. Flaking might be an indication of some greater imbalance within. Doctors in some countries, look at the nails for diagnosis, even for symptoms of life-threatening ailments, including heart disease.

Healthy nails depend on a diet containing adequate proteins, vitamins, essential minerals and trace elements, notably zinc and iodine. They don't depend on gelatine which, despite the persistent myth, does nothing in particular for the nails. Brittle nails can indicate a vitamin A or retinol deficiency. Chlorine in swimming pools and harsh detergents can also be responsible. Hangnails, which can be painful as the lower sensitive dermis is exposed, maybe crying out for rich moisturising. They may also indicate a dietary deficiency of folic acid, a particularly common problem with women (liver and green vegetables are good sources of folic acid).

New Hand &n Nail Care & Accessories are launched at The Body Shop

The Body Shop Colourings have come up with a whole host of hand and nail care products. This sensational range consist of a lotion, serum, soak and softener, all loaded with natural nourishers like sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil to offer tender loving care to hands, nails, and cuticles.


A beautiful light, non-greasy lotion containing Community Trade cocoa butter, which not only helps keep hands and nails moisturised, it also smoothes, softens and prevents the cuticle from drying and splitting. Apply regularly for super smooth skin and nails.


A gorgeous, relaxing treatment to help soften and condition the nails and cuticle. The Nail Solution benefits from the nurturing qualities of sweet almond oil. Simply dilute in warm water and soak those stressed out hands and nails!


While you're getting your beauty sleep, let this intensive overnight treatment tend to your talons! Nail Rescue conditions nails and cuticles and helps restore elasticity. Massage it in to minimise moisture loss and make nails more flexible and less likely to break, thanks to the nourishing properties of evening primrose oil and sweet almond oil.


Cuticle problems can reap havoc on nails, but this new product effectively softens and conditions the cuticles to make their removal easier. Simply apply, leave on for a few minutes and wash off. The cuticle should then be easily removed with a cuticle stick or orange stick.


A professional emery board to get nails into shape.


Mini emery boards packaged in a handy transparent pack. Great for girls on the go.


A nail buffer in a transparent sleeve for shiny, happy nails.


Nail scissors that are a cut above the rest. The plastic on the handles comes from recycled packaging and blades are made using recycled steel.


Whether you need nail care on the go, or simply want to try the great new range for size, this handy little kit is a must, The mini sized selection provides everything you need for hand and nail care and protection, all wrapped up in a smart, stylish black holder - a must for any handbag.

The Body Shop Colourings has also just introduced in all its outlets, a free in-store NAIL CARE SERVICE. You can choose between a nail care consultation, a quick demonstration or a complete nail care service - all for free.

Courtesy: Telelife

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