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Mother's Day with a difference

Adopt a Grandmother!

Mothers Day was celebrated on 13th May and 15th May marks Family Day. AASHRAYA - INDIA TRUST, a voluntary not-for-profit charitable organization announced in Mumbai on Monday a Rs.10 million project for destitute aged men and women from rural India. The shelter will open its doors in Kundapura, in coastal Karnataka district of Udupi by March 2002.

Increasing urbanization, changing life styles have led to stressful intra-family relationships, seriously affecting the aged in India, particularly in villages. The sons have left and parents and grand parents find themselves isolated, distanced. The advantages of the joint family system are forgotten. At best, affluent children pay for parents and grandparents admission into commercially-run hospices

These seniors live isolated, in sickness, and despair, often with no one to fall back on, lacking security and comfort of a shelter at end-of-life stage. Aiming to restore their dignity, reduce dependence, raise levels of self confidence, and to help the aged and the destitute young share and care, the group will build its first shelter at Kumbhasi, near Kundapura,in coastal Karnataka.

Aashraya will help senior Indians them cope with age-related problems of physical, psychological and physiological health, illness, grief of isolation and discard.Companionship, recreation, nutrition, healthcare and income generation opportunities will be created for them. Links between the aged and the young, between people in need and sponsoring individuals, famililies and corporates will spread love and care. Older persons will also play grandpa/ma to destitute kids. Food, clothing, medical care, bedding, and pocket money will be given to them in the new shape of our joint family.

A corpus of Rs. 10 million (about $215,000) will be set up by end July 2001 of which Rs. 5 Million will be for land and construction of facilities for 50 senior citizens. The other half (Rs.5 Million) will secure a monthly income for maintenance of the Shelter.

Ravi Chawla, primary promoter, said he is contributing Rs.500,000 towards the corpus and will serve full time for no remuneration. The Aashraya (Hindi for Shelter)will not collect any payments from those who seek shelter and it will provide free life time care.

Aashraya-India is soliciting contributions from individuals and corporations, social service organizations, charity and social service groups, civic and fraternal associations in cash or in the form of furniture, housing material, transport vehicle for the sick, etc. Donors can give any amount, from Rs.10,000 ($225) for shelter maintenance to Rs.15,000 as annual expensesfor one senior person. One can also adopt a grandma or grandpa for life with a one-time contribution of Rs.100,000 ($2,125). Audited accounts will be available and visits to the site of the first Aashraya can be arranged after June 1, 2001.

Aashraya-India's website is now under construction and domain names already registered are:,

Donations may kindly be sent to:
Aashraya-India Trust
"AdiShakti" Korodi Village
Off NH 17, Near Annegudde
Kumbashi P.O.576 257 Kundapura Taluk
Karnataka, India.
Ph: 91.8254.42496 - Mr.Manjunath

More Information :
Primary Promoter is a journalist Ravi Chawla, 65, who was until recently a resident of Versova, Mumbai and Editor of Poultry Times of India (1977-2000). Earlier, he was in Paris-France (Institut Francais de Presse, Alliance Francaise), Munich-Germany (US Army Support Services), and in Kathmandu-Nepal (The Rising Nepal, UPI, The Camp & Ravispot). For 10 years, Chawla was a middle management PR & Information Executive with Burmah-Shell Refineries Ltd. in Mumbai. Mr. P.P. Maiya, eminent Chartered Accountant and Mr. M. Sadananda Shetty, seasoned Advocate, both of Kundapura, and Mr. G. K. Aithal, Kannada Writer and Branch Manager of Karnataka Bank Ltd., Kumbhasi, have extended their patronage to the Aashraya-India.

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