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Shape up your limbs

Nothing can be more rewarding than making a conscious effort to take care of you. It is your own interest and willingness to work at it, which will give you, best results.

Exercise is vital for legs and arms. If arms are not given exercise, the upper part becomes flabby and soft. To overcome this problem an easy exercise is to rotate the arms clockwise and anti-clockwise - at least 10 times for each arm.

Next, hold a heavy book in each palm and spread your arms sideways at shoulder level. Bend the elbows, bring book to shoulder then return to starting position. Do this 10 times. Both these exercises can be done at any time. They will help tone and shape your arms. Legs can be given more shape with the help of simple exercises and the teen years is the right time to start.

Here's an easy one: Stand straight, resting your hands on the chair backrest. Swing the right leg as high as possible and bring back to position without touching the ground. Do this continuously 10 times. Now work on the other leg. This reduces flab from the thigh area and gives a long-legged look. For strong, well-shaped legs, walk on your toes for one minute and then rest on your ankles. Repeat this 10 times.

Skin Texture
Flaky dry skin on legs and arms makes your limbs look uncared for and ugly. They need to be stimulated every day. Use a loofah. Wet and rub soap on it and, with a circular motion, use it both on arms and legs for one minute on each limb. This improves blood circulation and also removes dead skin, thus making skin smooth, shiny, and supple.

Make a paste of oats adding one teaspoonful of honey, half a teaspoon of juice of lemon and milk. Mix into a paste and apply it over arms and legs. Rest for five minutes and then rinse off. Do this once in four days.

Always oil your body after your bath. When your body is wet, spread baby oil all over arms and legs - including feet and toes. Then towel dry. This keeps the skin shiny and smooth.

Waxing... the best
Hair on legs and arms look untidy and ungroomed. If hair on the hands are not too noticeable, do not bother. But legs should be kept hairless, as sweat and dust accumulates, making legs look unkempt.

Waxing is the best method for hair removal, as the hairgrowth will take at least three weeks. Never shave arms and legs, as you will then need to do every third day and the hair will grow back stubbly and coarse.

Nail Care
Nails on hands and feet must be clipped once a month to improve the quality of nails. If you wish to have long nails, make sure you also care about their health. It is not the length of the nails which causes people to admire your hands and feet - it is the way they are groomed. Cut nails to a decent length and use an emery board to file them. Never use a metal nail file on your fingernails.

Nail biting is a very irritating habit and also makes the nails look ugly. Try using juice of lemon on nails - this helps to strengthen the nails and also gives them a bitter taste.

Use Homemade Lotion
Soaps and detergents constantly dry the skin, so always keep your feet and hands protected by a lotion prepared at home: Take six tablespoons of petroleum jelly, two tablespoons of glycerine and half a teaspoon of juice of lemon. Mix well and apply all over arms and legs. Remember to include your feet. Then take a warm napkin and gently dab the skin. This is an excellent cream for dry skin.

Do this before going to bed. Scrub feet every day with a pumice stone. This helps to get rid of dead skin on the heels and helps skin remain soft.

Never dig in your nails with a nail file. Always use a nailbrush to clean your nails daily.

Pic and text courtesy: Telelife

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