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Adding colour to the walls of your home not only improves the aesthetics of your living space but may improve your mood too. We bring you the ultimate guide to using colour in your home.

The effect of colours on the human psyche has been the topic of much research over the past decade and these days the experts say that using the right shade in your home can have a huge effect on your mood. For instance, while orange and yellow have been placed as colours which convey a sense of warmth and cheer, the effects of pink have been somewhat more varied, stretching between anger and frustration in its deepest shades to tranquility in its lighter tones.

Most of us here in the Gulf still seem to opt for 'boring' white. 'It is a unique situation here in the Gulf,' explains Fred Aalbers, marketing manager at Sigma Paints. 'White has connotations of cleanliness and purity, but most people also see whites and off-whites as a safe choice. The predominance of white is also a reflection of the living systems in the Gulf, says Aalbers. Expatriates usually live in rented accommodation. Landlords prefer white as it has a wide appeal, while the tenant prefers to leave the white on the walls since they do not own the house. In either case, the end result is white houses all over the region.

But with the new range of easy-to-apply, effective and reasonably priced paints on offer from manufacturers there is no longer any excuse for home owners or even tenants to ignore the colour possibilities for their homes. Simple painting techniques can also add an extra dimension to the use of colour in your home. Whether they use a sponge, cloth, comb, spatula or any other decorative effect tool to create the designs. Most paint experts also agree that paint effects are usually quite simple to make and can be done even by laymen. So no more excuses. Begin to use some of the colourful possibilities to enhance your living space - and you will quickly reap the benefits with a lift in your mood.

Colour Guide:A shade to suit your mood

  • Orange enhances feelings of warmth, shelter and physical contentment. It is currently fashionable for areas of the home that are connected with food, as it is believed to be rich and welcoming.
  • Shades of yellow are linked with the ego, emotions and self-esteem. It has the potential to lift spirits while also providing a light and sunny environment. A darker shade, such as mustard, has a less powerful effect on emotions, and is therefore slightly more calming than the purest form of this shade.
  • Green has a restful quality because it strikes the eye in a way, which requires no muscular adjustments. It also has a reassuring power which is the result of its role in nature, a timeless indication of that water is plentiful and the threat of drought distant. This makes green a very reassuring and supportive colour.
  • The focus of blue is the mind and its intellectual activity. Blue helps to encourage reflection, and recent scientific experiments have revealed that exposure to blue light is a successful treatment for psychological problems such as depression and addiction.
  • Indigo's deep shade of blue mixed with violet also gives it its well-deserved title of 'midnight blue'. It has similar qualities to blue, but the intensity of the colour means that reflection can become introversion. Historically, violet was associated with royalty and grandeur, and rich shades of this hue still suggest a sense of high standards. Focusing on the higher mind and spirit, violet is physically restful and spiritually uplifting.

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