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How would you describe the first few sessions with kids?

Kids learn better in groups. We keep to a maximum of seven per group. To reiterate, our first concern is safety. We insist that all riders wear British safety hats and shoes with a small heel or better still, riding boots. Young riders are told to approach the horse from the front to avoid being kicked. They are taught to move around the horse quietly with no sudden movements. The proper way to mount and dismount and the correct sitting position are also taught in the initial sessions. Children are encouraged to establish a rapport with their horses. Most importantly, we ensure that they enjoy riding. Everything else will naturally fall in place.

Children are made aware of the fact that they are dealing with another mind, that may not be as intelligent as theirs, but is certainly sensitive.

Is teaching kids easy?

It can be very rewarding when you see them progress and compete. At times, it can be frustrating with kids who don't take instructions very well. We would like to teach all interested children. Unfortunately, we have limited facilities and there is a considerable waiting period for newcomers.

"The Dubai Equestrian Centre is definitely a valuable asset to the community"

How do horses treat kids?

Horses we have here are used to kids clambering over them. They are quick to realise that their rider is inexperienced and some of the naughty ones refuse to cooperate. Our instructors then intervene. Horses generally recognise the voice and feel of the rider. We try to tell the kids to touch them more confidently because the horse responds well to a sure touch.

For an hour-long session of horse riding, the Dubai Equestrian Centre offers a fair bargain at only Dhs. 75/- per hour. Highly skilled instructors at the Centre teach children to ride horses. The popularity of this centre, perhaps the only fully equipped place in Dubai for training people to ride horses, can be gauged by the incredibly long waiting list of aspiring horse-riders. So contact Joanne, at The Equestrian Centre if you want to book your child for riding classes- the wait is long but well worth it.
Tel No: 04 361394

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