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    Moda Operandi Introduces Fine Jewelry Trunkshows

    INTRODUCING FINE JEWELRY AT MODA OPERANDI Moda Operandi Now Offering Access to Curated Selection of Fine Jewelry and Timepieces Moda Operandi, the innovative and exclusive online preorder model that allows customers to order designer pieces straight from the runway has expanded its offering to include designer jewelry collections from both emerging and established designers. This new and exquisite offering, which includes both heirloom pieces and modern treasures, is supported by a knowledgeable team of personal stylists who ensure the ideal choice for every client.   This fresh side of the business is being spearheaded by former Accessories Director for Vogue, Amalia Keramitsis, who has recently joined Moda Operandi to serve as the Director of Fine Jewelry and Timepieces. Her extensive and impressive background ensures that ......read more

    Breakthrough beauty label ‘UberCosmetics' debuts in the UAE,exclusively at Bloomingdale's-Dubai

    DUBAI, AUGUST 31, 2014 - Now available in the UAE exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, beauty pioneers UberCosmetics have arrived to make an uber difference to your make-up routine. With their two innovative and critically-acclaimed products, Uberlash and Uberbrow, UberCosmetics has a groundbreaking approach to creating beauty, combining science with the latest technology for transformational results. Uberlash, AED 435 Uberlash is a growth serum with a unique formula that both lengthens and strengthens lashes. Uberlash helps to intensify lash appearance by thickening the lash diameter and boosting volume and length while helping to stimulate follicle cells to promote new hair growth. Uberbrow, AED  435 Uberbrow is clinically proven to dramatically increase the appearance of brow volume, thickness and ......read more

    Balance Wellness Club Introduces Himalayan Salt Products for Healthy Detoxification

    Dubai-UAE: 1 September, 2014 – Balance Wellness Club has introduced Himalayan salt lamps and Himalayan salt soap bars to its range of therapeutic retail offerings. The products, made from salts that come straight from the Himalayan mines, are renowned for their detoxifying qualities.   Bathing regularly with the pink Himalayan salts helps cleanse your skin of all impurities. The salt improves sleep patterns, reduces stress levels and enhances your overall health and wellness. Himalayan salts also control blood pressure levels and ease joint pains through strengthening the immune system.  The Himalayan rock salt lamp has a unique healing ability and helps create a calm and relaxing environment., Offering similar effect as the ionizer, the salt crystal lamps contribute to enhancing immunity, improving sleep quality ......read more

    QNET Conducts an Exclusive Beauty Workshop for its Physio Radiance Beauty Range in Dubai

    Dubai, UAE, September 1, 2014: QNET conducted an exclusive beauty workshop today with an international personal care expert to introduce its latest Physio Radiance beauty range which consists of a complete skin care collection and a facial toning device. The private launch was fun, relaxing and interactive and was performed in the presence of beauty editors and bloggers at the Nassima Tower in Dubai. Developed in Paris, France this breakthrough skin care range is an effective and all natural way to pamper and regenerate your skin at the cellular level. Its unique formulation is an exclusive combination of ingredients to activate your skin cells to work naturally at their best, assisting in restoring your skin’s youthfulness and radiance. The skincare range is complemented by Visage+, a facial device developed by skin care ......read more

    New Olay Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo

    Olay Total Effects delivers more results in fewer steps with its most concentrated formula ever that fights the 7 signs of ageing  Dubai, UAE, August 2014: Olay announces the launch of Olay Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo - a new innovation from Olay Total Effects that delivers a powerful combination of our proven cream with a serum. It’s our most concentrated product that fights the appearance of 7 signs of ageing without adding more steps. ONE STEP SKIN SOLUTION Olay understands the causes of ageing and busy modern women who are looking for multi-tasking solutions that effectively address multiple signs of ageing without complicating their skin care routine. This is why Olay have developed Olay Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo with targeted ingredient combinations to effectively fight the appearance of ......read more

    Win a diamond-studded Philip Watch every day at TIMETATIONS in Paris Gallery

    [Dubai, September 2014] Paris Gallery announced the launch of TIMETATIONS, another one of its biggest and grandest retail promotions. TIMETATIONS, an exhibition and promotion of the finest watches, sunglasses, accessories and leather goods, runs the whole month of September. From the 1st to the 30th, customers can enjoy exclusive gifts for purchases made from more than 50 of the most sought-after international brands. Customers also stand a chance to win a diamond-studded Philip Watch -- Italy’s oldest brand of Swiss Made watches -- every day. TIMETATIONS, first launched in 2012, promises to be bigger and better this year. The promotion runs in both Paris Gallery and Watch Gallery stores across the UAE. Paris Gallery’s promotions are as good as it can get. A major played in the luxury retail sector, It caters to the ......read more

    Herbline Essentials helps you maintain your Mane

    With Henna & Liquorice Shampoo & Conditioner for hair fall Dubai, August 2014 - Hair fall is a big problem in the UAE. Many attribute this to the treated water that is used in the region, while others blame it on factors of pollution and the extreme weather throughout the year. There are other internal factors too that can also play a very integral role in increased hair fall, such as stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and dehydration.  Although many of the factors are external and we can do little to change them, there are a few preventive measures that can be undertaken by individuals to ensure that severe hair fall is treated.  Here’s five quick tips that will help you combat hair fall and leave you with beautiful, healthy locks: 1.    Oil your hair weekly Massage coconut oil ......read more

    BOURJOIS Rouge Edition 12HRs & Lip Contour

    Rouge Edition 12 hours The Rouge Edition lipstick range is expanding Introducing Rouge Edition 12 hours, the new long-lasting lipstick from Bourjois!  Calling all lipstick lovers, Bourjois promises a dazzling smile for hours with new ROUGE EDITION 12 hours Lasts 12 hours In the morning, I select a shade of ROUGE EDITION 12 hours ... and thanks to its 12-hour hold without retouching* my smile is radiant throughout the day! Its secret? A formula enriched with colour-fixing silk powders! * Instrumental hold test. Result obtained on 17 volunteers: 12 hours. Result obtained on a total of 31 volunteers: 10 hours. And it's easy to remove! (Pastille) Ultra comfort Long-lasting hold combined with comfort! ROUGE EDITION 12 hours has a creamy texture that is a pleasure to wear thanks to the shea butter contained ......read more

    Tips Brought to you by TRESemme

    Hair Care Tips: Healthy Hair Healthy-looking hair is all about strength. Try these simple tips for durable locks—so your tresses are ready to take on all the styles you like. Don’t rough dry wet hair out of the shower with a towel as it will damage hair. Instead, blot hair to remove the moisture.  Always condition your hair if it's prone to breakage. Conditioning is the best way to give your hair the nourishment it needs to stay strong. Use detangling spray and a wide-tooth comb on damp hair—wet hair is more delicate. If your hair is especially delicate, sleep on a satin pillowcase. Satin won't snag your hair or cause friction like cotton, which can rough up the cuticle of extremely fine hair. Don't use elastics that have metal clasps on them. Always tie up your hair with covered, ......read more

    Bloomingdale's-Dubai introduces new Azza Fahmy Fashion '14 fine jewellery collection

    DUBAI, AUGUST 30, 2014 - Now available at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, the latest collection from Azza Fahmy Jewellery, Fashion ‘14 by designer Amina Ghali, celebrates 45 years of passion and design through modern translations of iconic architecture and cultural tradition. The Fashion ’14 collection fashionably echoes a bond between Eastern and Western architecture extending beyond various historic eras, featuring clean-cut lines and ultra-contemporary abstract forms. Skillfully hand-made, several pieces are inspired by architectural muses from “The Walt Disney Concert Hall’ in Los Angeles to the fine work of Polish architect, Daniel Libeskind. The work is combined with structural motifs from the reigns of the Mamluk Sultanate in Egypt and the Middle East (1250–1517). “Most of the pieces in ......read more

    Sensodyne launches True White and unveils new UAE research

    New research reveals 84% of people in the UAE are facing issues with sensitive teeth leading to changed eating habits and decreased happiness levels Sensodyne launches True White - its new whitening toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth   Dubai, UAE, 28th August 2014: New independent research commissioned by Sensodyne has revealed that 84% of adults in the UAE are currently facing issues with sensitive teeth, with 40% of them claiming it is making them unhappy and 61% saying it is directly impacting their eating habits.  The research, conducted by YouGov, also shows that 82% of adults in the UAE are worried at some level about how their teeth look, with men surprisingly being just as concerned as women are. It has unveiled the UAE is a guilt-ridden Emirate, with three in five adults feeling guilty about the ......read more

    Breakthrough anti-ageing laser device for home use brings professional results

    •    Tria’s Skin Rejuvenating Laser is the most advanced anti-ageing laser treatment that promises dramatic results on your skin •    Safety guaranteed with FDA clearance and Health Canada approval Dubai, United Arab Emirates; August 2014:  Lasers have long been big anti-ageing beauty favourites amongst celebrities.  Thanks to Tria, you can now achieve the same youthful celebrity look without breaking the bank! Tria, the world leader in at-home laser skincare treatments, introduces the Skin Rejuvenating Laser, the first to offer clinical-strength laser technology in a device that can be used safely at home.  Also called the Age-Defying Laser by beauty experts, the Skin Rejuvenating Laser is clinically proven to treat multiple signs of facial ageing, such as wrinkles, ......read more

    15 Ways to Perfect a Smile - Tips Brought to you by Closeup

    1. Why not try putting on some bronzer to create a greater contrast between your skin tone and your teeth, making them appear brighter? Create a number 3 down either side of your face: temples, the hollow of your cheeks, and chin.  2. Have a fuller bodied upper lip? Try showing off a little bit of your teeth when smiling! Thin upper lip? Try smiling so the bottom edges of your upper teeth touch your lower lip. No matter the shape, everyone can work on having an instant white smile with Closeup Diamond Attraction.  3. Do you notice that in every photo your teeth aren’t as gleaming as you want them to be? Try brushing with Closeup Diamond Attraction and wetting your teeth with water just before you have your photo taken to add a bit more sparkle.  4. When picking out the perfect lipstick, invest in a red with ......read more

    RED FLOWER: The Revolutionizing Beauty comes to the Middle East! “The Power of Flower”

    (Dubai, UAE) August 2014 –Unique, organic extraordinary brand Red Flower joins the Middle East! Like nothing before, the much loved brand is represented by “red” for revolution, power, life, and “flower” as the symbol of nature’s ultimate beauty and potency. Red Flower inspires a sense of living fully, celebrating life through the purity and freshness of flowers. The nature inspired brand began with signature petal topped candles and expanded to include a collection of 100% biodegradable body care, nourishing hair care, certified organic perfume, generously scented room and diffusers. All products are harmoniously one hundred percent botanical, entirely free of all synthetics parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates. Susan Gorman says “Red Flower is ideal for the Middle East market as it ......read more

    NEW Nature Collection – the latest luscious range from Herbal Essences

    REDISCOVER YOUR NATURAL SELF Introducing the NEW Nature Collection – the latest luscious range from Herbal Essences Dubai, UAE, August 2014: We all strive to live healthier and look better. Whether it’s by eating fresh and free-range, or opting for organic and natural beauty products, we’re looking to nature’s luscious goodness to give us that extra boost, inside and out. We want it all – health, a good figure, great skin, and a full head of super soft, irresistibly shiny hair – but we’d rather use all-natural, back-to-basics ingredients to achieve those goals.   Natural is better and more beautiful, especially when it comes to irresistibly soft, shiny, clean hair. So, where better to take inspiration than nature and the natural world around us when creating Herbal Essences' NEW ......read more

    OPI Celebrates the Muppets with Limited Edition Nail Lacquers Inspired by Disney's New Film Muppets Most Wanted

    Show-Stopping Shades! OPI announces the launch of eight new limited edition nail lacquers inspired by Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted. With an all-star cast including Kermit the Frog, Constantine, Ricky Gervais, Miss Piggy, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey and the whole Muppet gang, this family comedy is directed by James Bobin and written by Bobin and Nicholas Stoller. Muppets Most Wanted opens in theaters on March 21, 2014.   “The Muppets are a fun-loving, colorful cast of characters. These eight new nail lacquers were inspired by their latest adventures in Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted, which include a glamorous international stage tour – and lots of surprises,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP.  “Fashionable Miss Piggy is represented through soft pink, peach and ......read more

    New Lush Sun Care Range

    Our new range of sun care products go above and beyond. As with all our skincare, we’ve used the most beautiful natural ingredients that will benefit your body – with the additional benefit that these products are also made with industry-standard synthetic  sunscreens,  giving  them the added benefit of both SPF’s (sun protection factors) and UVAPF’s (UVA protection factors). Nutritious Ingredients We’ve got thirty years of experience in using natural ingredients for their benefit to the skin. Because of our expertise, we have the confidence to be able to give our customers consultations about all of our skin care products. Our new range pioneers the use of sunscreens in cosmetics, and we’ve also found that nature is giving us the solutions. By mixing safe synthetic sunscreens with ......read more

    Swarovski Fall/Winter Collection 2014/15

    If Swarovski creations personify glamour, refinement, and innovation, it is largely due to the wealth of expertise and knowledge that the company maintains and passionately reinterprets each season. Swarovski is, after all, a master of facets and light. It is this heart of the company’s DNA that Nathalie Colin, Creative Director, has drawn upon for the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection: “This season I really wanted to bring together art and light, which seemed only natural for a company whose crystal sets the ultimate standard in brilliance and sparkle. This new collection connects our heritage with another value of great importance to us – the desire to always reinvent and modernize.” LED effects, holograms, kaleidoscopic and moving-image inspired motifs all feature in this futuristic new ......read more


    Avant-garde watch exclusive at ISTANA UAE Renowned Swiss brand, Icelink introduces its latest collection of unconventional, 12-piece limited edition Zermatt Silver VII. With the original Zermatt limited-edition collection in such high demand, IceLink created a second version for avant-garde watch collectors and connoisseurs with special attention given to the dial design. The new dial pushes the boundaries of traditional watch design and is inspired by the power of connection. Taking inspiration from the Six Degrees of Separation theory which suggests that everyone and everything in the world is six or fewer steps away from being connected.

    ...read more

    Unearth your natural beauty: Revolutionary skincare range, Clayspray®, arrives exclusively at Bloomingdale's-Dubai

    DUBAI, AUGUST 25, 2014 - Clayspray®, the revolutionary skincare product designed to purify and refine the texture of the skin, has now arrived in the UAE exclusively at Bloomingdale’s – Dubai. For years, the spa industry has made use of the thermal and mechanical properties of clays, particularly in rheumatic and skin conditions. Applied on the skin as a facial mask or body pack, clay helps perspiration through an occlusive action retaining moisture in the skin and prevents its loss from the epidermis whilst removing excess oil and dead cells. With a keen and intimate understanding of nature’s elements, Clayspray creators Marian (Archaeologist) and Juan Luis (Photographer) have given the ancient properties of clay a new life. “Clayspray is the first clay emulsion that delivers through patented spray ......read more

    Bil Arabi by Nadine Kanso launches on Plukka.com

    “Ya 3ein” cuff to be sold exclusively on the online retailer Plukka is proud to announce its collaboration with a Middle Eastern favorite, Bil Arabi by Nadine Kanso, which means ‘In Arabic’. The brand, which has been worn by countless celebrities including Eve, Eva Simons, Zaha Haddid, Elissa, Julianne Moore, Kylie Minogue, Dita Von Teese and more, truly captures the essence of the modern Arab identity in the 21st century as she sees it – unique, unavoidable and with a will to be seen and heard.  Plukka, which is the premier online retail destination for luxury, creativity, and extraordinary value in fine jewelry, officially launched in Dubai early January 2014, and is fast becoming a favorite with fine jewelry lovers in the region. Bil Arabi’s latest collection includes rings, earrings, ......read more

    Fresh, clean and fragrant is how your hair will always be thanks to Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo

    If the weather isn’t troubling your tresses, it is air polluted with cigarette smoke that upsets it. Additionally, day-to-day factors such as blow-drying, the smell of food, chemical treatments and other such also commonly feature in a woman’s list of hair problems. Arriving as the ideal solution, Garnier brings you an effective and convenient quick fix to all these hair woes in the form of the Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo that instantly leaves hair fresh and full of volume between washes. What’s more, the effective dry shampoo is safe to use on all hair types! Boasting of a 3 in 1 cleansing action that absorbs greasiness, boosts volume and lends a refreshing fragrance, Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo is the swift way to extend the life of your blow-dry. Devoid of silicones or colorants, the efficient product instantly ......read more

    Achieve Stunning Eyes with MAKE UP FOR EVER

    A complete black eyeliner range to offer your eyes any look you desire Start this Fall/Winter season with an impactful fashion statement with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s widest range of black eyeliners designed to complete your look in any style you desire! Black eyeliner is a sure way of looking irresistible; it adds that essential and attractive touch to your overall look.  MAKE UP FOR EVER offers 8 kinds of black eyeliners with different textures, intensities and finishes to offer women any end result they are looking for. Gel, liquid, pencil, cream, or powder eyeliner… you name it and it is available; each with its own unique traits and results to dress up your eyes and bring out their beauty. It is no secret that the eyes are the most important facial features; they are the most expressive part of the face. They ......read more

    Babette Wasserman's Silver Collection this season's ‘must –have'

    London designer, Babette Wasserman, is celebrated for her innovative design and intricate interplay between multitudes of glittering stones, metals, materials, colours and forms, and her intriguing, multi-faceted uniqueness has won her the respect and loyal following of a host of celebrities including, Elle Macpherson, Madonna, Kimberley Walsh, David Beckham, Elton John, Jonathan Ross and Sheryl Cole.  Currently in the height of summer, most of us are showing off glowing tans, and the perfect way to showcase these tans is with accents of shimmer and brightly polished silver. Babette Wasserman has a sophisticated collection of silver jewellery and accessories this season and we have selected our favourite pieces to help you shine.                            ......read more

    Sodashi's Eye Lifting Gel – NEW ingredient Arnica!

    (Dubai, UAE) August 2014- Award winning Sodashi products are sophisticated, free from parabens, 100% chemical free, and unparalleled in performance and purity. Adored by celebrities worldwide including the fabulous Nicole Kidman, Sodashi includes only finest quality therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced essential oils and plant actives to heal and nurture wholly, and is suitable for all skin types. Arnica is in – NEW to Sodashi’s Eye Lifting Gel With Arnica newly incorporated into Sodashi’s Eye Lifting Gel, the highly effective and sought after formula is a powerful leave-on treatment that firms, tones and lifts skin around the eye while reducing puffiness and removing dark circles under the eyes. For centuries Arnica has been used for its unique medicinal qualities of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory ......read more

    Other Top Stories from LifeStyle
    Magnetic eyes with Mikyajy's Sabaya Super Volume Mascara

    Get magnetic eyes that draw attention with Mikyajy’s Sabaya Super Volume Mascara. Featuring a unique formula that builds your lashes with sought-after volume, the Arab cosmetic brand’s latest release comes with a super-sized brush that creates an irresistible open eye effect in an intense, ultra-black shade. To get the most of out of the Sabaya Super Volume Mascara, apply from the root to tips, in a slightly zigzag motion for super voluminous lashes. Start with the upper lashes, followed by the lower lashes, and apply two to three coats for optimum results. ...read more

    Clive Christian's No 1 15th Anniversary Edition Exclusively Available at Paris Gallery

    The world’s most expensive perfume [Dubai, July 2014] It scarcely seems possible but it is 15 years since Clive Christian launched his vision of the most beautiful perfume in the world, the No 1. He had wanted it simply to be the best. The “noses” with whom he worked were directed to have no consideration for cost, but merely to explore the rarest and most exquisite of ingredients and to come up with a memorable perfume that was the finest of the fine. That it also turned out to be the most expensive perfume in the world is simply because this is the cost when nothing but ......read more

    Paris Gallery hosts a Media Suhoor in Dubai

    [Dubai, July 2014] Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, hosted a media Suhoor this week to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. The event brought together members of UAE’s media industry for an evening of socializing and fun. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim, the CEO of the Paris Gallery Group of Companies, graced the event with his presence and thanked the media for their continuous support. He happily fielded questions the media had in store for him. Mr. Mohamad Jaber, the Group Marketing Manager of Paris Gallery, and a number of other senior Paris Gallery staff were ......read more

    CLASSICA & OPERA, the newest perfumes from the Sospiro collection, launched exclusively at Paris Gallery

    [Dubai, July 2014] Paris Gallery announced the launch of the CLASSICA & OPERA, the latest in the Sospiro collection, presented in a magnificent black velvet box lined with purple silk. The flacons are adorned in black velvet with the Sospiro unique gold plated cap and label. Sospiro perfumes are exclusively available at Paris Gallery in the UAE. The CLASSICA & OPERA perfumes have been created by two internationally renowned perfumers under the artistic direction of Sergio Momo, in Italy. CLASSICA Top notes: Bergamot Reggio, Copaiba Balsam and Salvia Sclarea Middle notes: ......read more

    Ateliers Louis Moinet receives an IIPP award at UNESCO

    Dubai-UAE 17 July, 2014 – What better reward could there be to celebrate its tenth anniversary? Founded in 2004, Ateliers Louis Moinet has just received a Merit for Development award from the International Institute for Promotion and Prestige (IIPP) in cooperation with UNESCO. The highly sought-after prize is awarded to companies responsible for extraordinary achievements – and this is the first ever Merit for Development of Watchmaking Arts and Technologies. In its fifty years of existence, the IIPP has awarded only two other distinctions in the field of watchmaking. The ......read more

    Dabur International successfully holds blood donation campaign for employees

    UAE, July 17, 2014 - Dabur International, one of the most trusted and recognized personal and healthcare companies in the world, successfully organized a blood donation campaign recently at Latifa Hospital in Dubai. The event, which is part of the company’s activities for the Holy Month of Ramadan and also falls in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, was held in collaboration with the Dubai Blood Donation Centre, the UAE’s major blood bank. Employees from Dabur’s head office in Dubai and its manufacturing plant in Ras Al Khaimah participated in the ......read more

    Perrelet Turbine Yacht & Diver

    Perrelet celebrates the beauty of the sea and the desire for discovery with two timepieces featuring high technical performance and unique design: Turbine Yacht and Turbine Diver. Perrelet presents the Turbine Yacht collection, a new watch line that will prove an excellent seagoing companion, combining Perrelet’s famous Turbine with a function stemming from the maritime world: the windrose. The Turbine Yacht, an evolved version of the Turbine Diver model, combines within a single watch the aesthetic and ornamental design codes of the most prestigious ships. The 47 mm-diameter ......read more

    Philip Stein Launches Summer Holiday Watch for Women

    TIMEPIECES UTILIZE NATURAL FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY TO PROMOTE AN ENHANCED WELLBEING  The Philip Stein Signature Watch Collection features a simply stunning selection of unique watches. But a Philip Stein is more than just a watch, thanks to Natural Frequency Technology inside - a perfect companion to modern living. You find in every Philip Stein accessory a proprietary disc in which natural frequencies are embedded. The Natural Frequency Technology is specially programmed to pick up and channel only the frequencies in our environment that are natural and beneficial to our body and ......read more

    Heaven Scent Paradise Beckons with Fijian Water Lotus!

    Sun, sea, sand, palm trees… Sounds idyllic, right? Well, now you can escape to your own tropical paradise with the lush, exotic  cent of the NEW Fijian Water Lotus range from The Body Shop. Nothing says summer quite like a fresh, vibrant fragrance. And what could be more appealing than a scent that captures the very essence of the tropical island of Fiji? Opening with uplifting top notes of mandarin and litsea, the fragrance bursts into a delicate bouquet of Fijian Water Lotus flower, plucked from the South Pacific Ocean, and rose, before leading into a light yet lively marine ......read more

    Casio Combines Elegant Luxury With Legendary Toughness In The New MTGS Line Of Watches

    Casio Middle East FZE presents the elegant yet tough MTGS 1000D1A - the Metal Twisted G-SHOCK, a chronograph that combines both the elegant lines of a luxury timepiece with the renowned toughness of the G-SHOCK line. The MTGS line represents the ultimate refinement of Casio’s acclaimed G-SHOCK line, which will now be available across the brand’s points of sale in the GCC. The Metal Twisted G-Shock is designed to cater to the tastes of the adventure enthusiast, who desires refinement combined with the hardy ruggedness of the G-SHOCK line. The MT-G collection uses the highest ......read more

    Introducing Shisur – Navigations Through Scent Fine Fragrance

    Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts since 1973, invites you on a Middle Eastern voyage of discovery with the latest addition to their Navigations Through Scent Collection – Shisur.  This is the collection’s most precious fine fragrance yet, inspired by the long-lost Arabian city of Shisur. Hidden for thousands of years under desert sands, the fragrance brings to life the Middle Eastern city’s tradition of spice trading with rich, dramatic scents. To make this blend authentic and truly opulent, no expense was spared on the ingredients which feature rare ......read more

    Introducing the New Oudh Accord & Gold Collection

    Molton Brown, London’s bath and body connoisseurs since 1973, invites you to discover its opulent new collection, Oudh Accord & Gold. Explore the steamy depths of a spiced forest in Assam, Northern India with the new body wash, body lotion and single wick candle. Molton Brown is one of the very few luxury fragrance experts to celebrate oudh in bath and body blends making this an extra-special collection. Inspired by the mesmerising yet little-known birthplace of oudh in Assam, this most precious of collections blends oudh – also known as ‘liquid gold’ – ......read more

    Don Carlos gives a sporty touch to Seculus watch collection

    Seculus, one of the world’s leading watch companies and a flag bearer of the Swiss-watchmaker’s tradition, has announced the launch of Don Carlos Premium Sports Collection in the UAE. The Don Carlos is a two-time-zone watch collection – a combination of contemporary sports-elegant design and tradition and the perfect accessory for frequent travelers and executive businesspersons. The collection represents the sporty side and a dual time design with hour, minute, second and date function, an anti-allergic stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and genuine leather ......read more

    Ignite Your Talent at the House of Lux

    14 July, 2014 – House of Lux, an event beaming with beauty, fashion, glitz and glamour is all set to take centre stage and give two lucky Lux consumers the chance to become high-end fashion designers.   The House of Lux along with its three renowned experts will provide the participants with in-depth knowledge and expert advice in fashion and styling. 10 Lux fans from around the region will get a chance to showcase their designs on the Lux runway in the UAE with two final winners to be selected by the judges. Each winner will receive AED/SAR 100,000 which will support them with ......read more

    American Lady Wins a Luxurious Bentley Flying Spur at Paris Gallery

    [Dubai, July 2014] Purchasing a Bentley perfume from Paris Gallery’s Bawadi Mall store in Al Ain has turned out to be a winner for Ms. Erica Carmichael who won the pricey and luxurious Bentley Flying Spur motorcar. Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, announced the winner at a draw held at its Dubai Mall store in the presence of Dubai Economic Department officials. Ms. Carmichael had made the winning purchase during the Fragrant Sensations promotion held at Paris Gallery stores across the UAE. Jordanian Hadeel Bassam and Indian Shajid Ashiyaana won the ‘trip ......read more

    Parfums de Marly Presents Pegasus Coffret- Limited edition

    A regal scent made collectible After the success of the already well-known Godolphin, Parfums de Marly is proud to reveal what could be considered as its more exquisite creation – The Pegasus Coffret.  Sold in a luxurious velvet-lined box, the Pegasus Coffret set contains the 125ml Pegasus fragrance and an 8ml golden Tolla. Christened after the iconic 18th century horse race winner and renowned predecessor of many future celebrated champions, Parfums De Marly best seller fragrance Pegasus depicts the winning spirit of its namesake. Pegasus is a heady fougere scent that ......read more

    NIVEA MEN Launches “Survive the Night” this football season

    Dubai, UAE; July 12 2014 – NIVEA MEN, the global leader in male skin care has launched its “Survive the Night” campaign which will run throughout the World Cup season, from 12th June until the finale on 13th July 2014. According to TGI Target Group Index survey 2012, 71% of Men have a deep affection for football across the MENA region and in the UAE specifically, more than 1.400.000 people watch matches on TV regularly. So, with the World Cup, NIVEA MEN created a special “Survive the Night” pack, to allow football fans to enjoy the late night matches and ......read more

    Parfums de Marly Introduces the Delectable Tolla Pegasus

    Dedicated to enriching your life with fragrance, premium perfume brand, Parfums de Marly will soon be launching the Tolla Pegasus in the region. This extravagant perfume symbolizes the splendor and knowledge of the brand and will immerse you into the origins of the perfumery.  Available from August 2014 onwards, the exclusive Tolla Pegasus is not only a unique and luxurious fragrance but is aromatically pleasing as well with a combination of pure Soufi Oudh and the essence of the already well-known Pegasus perfume. This oil is so concentrated that only a drop is enough to last the ......read more

    Introducing the essie Too Taboo Neon Collection 2014

    Seasons come and seasons go, but shopping is forever. Our Too Taboo Neon Collection celebrates stylish girls around the world struck by fashion fever. Over the top is the name of the game, where a style crush can blossom into a full-blown obsession. If shopping is a crime, she’s guilty as charged. Fashionistas everywhere are faced with a single decision: lust or must? What can she simply not do without? When falling in love with those to-die-for pieces, looking at the price tag is a make-or-break experience. To break the bank or walk away? That is ......read more

    MAKE UP FOR EVER partners with Lebanese Celebrity Cyrine Abdelnour for her Ramadan Series “Sirat Hob”

    Behind the Scenes with MAKE UP FOR EVER MAKE UP FOR EVER tied up with the renowned award-winning Lebanese actress, Cyrine Abdelnour, in the production of her series “Sirat Hob” which is a 90 episodes series airing throughout Ramadan 2014 exclusively on OSN. Starring various talented actors including Syrian Actor Maxim Khalil, Egyptian Actor Khaled Slim the series will also air again after Ramadan on CBC II and LBC.  MAKE UP FOR EVER played a key role backstage during the filming of the series which took place in Egypt as it brought the world of professional makeup from ......read more

    Glow this Eid with GlamBox - Subscriptions close July 12th!

    Radiate inner beauty and feel great doing so this Eid with the Summer ‘Glow Box’  Dubai, July 2014 - Festivities always warrant us to spend extra time and attention on how we will look. We want to dress beautifully, wear the right accessories and even have the perfect hair. But most of all, we want our skin to be picture perfect and natural looking.  With Eid just around the corner, let GlamBox help you look stunning and radiant with their July Glow Box.  Curated to help you look radiant this summer, the Glow Box is meticulously put together by team GlamBox to ......read more

    Sizzle this Summer with the Philip Stein Signature Watch Collection

    THE PHILIP STEIN SIGNATURE DUAL TIME ZONE TIMEPIECE Light up summer nights and set the days on fire with the iconic Signature Watch Collection from luxury wellbeing technology brand, Philip Stein. With a strong personality and very distinguishable designs Philip Stein Signature Watches are the perfect addition to summer wardrobes. Stylish women can restore balance and add flair with the trendy Philip Stein timepiece that blends together fashionable design and wellbeing technology seamlessly.  As vibrant as the season itself, this style (2-BRN-ZOD) from the Signature Collection ......read more

    Swarovski Fall/Winter Collection 2014/15

    If Swarovski creations personify glamour, refinement, and innovation, it is largely due to the wealth of expertise and knowledge that the company maintains and passionately reinterprets each season. Swarovski is, after all, a master of facets and light. It is this heart of the company’s DNA that Nathalie Colin, Creative Director, has drawn upon for the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection: “This season I really wanted to bring together art and light, which seemed only natural for a company whose crystal sets the ultimate standard in brilliance and sparkle. This ......read more

    Be the star of Eid Gifts with Izil Natural Argan Beauty

    New special edition Eid Gift Boxes packed with beauty secrets are now available for your loved ones Dubai, 10th July 2014: Eid is a time of celebration. It is a time for getting together with your family and friends and sharing the joys of togetherness and giving. Celebrations often always warrant us to spend time on preparing ourselves. This preparation can be buying new clothes, indulging in new shoes or even adopting a new skincare regimen to look as radiant as the moon that marks the Eid celebration. This Eid, why not give the perfect gift of skin deep beauty to your nearest and ......read more

    Cherry Blossom Fingertips With Figs & Rouge

    Dubai, UAE, Thursday 10th July 2014 - Summertime brings wistful thoughts of fruity flavours and bright colours. Now the sunniest season is upon us, so why not indulge in the juicy delights and treat yourself to something very special... beautiful hands! Your fingertips might be painted with an exotic shade, but are they smooth and hydrated? Don’t let the summer dry your hands out. Allow Figs & Rouge to help! Figs & Rouge is the favourite beauty brand of top celebrities like the delightful Emma Watson. Why? Because all Figs & Rouge products are 100% natural, petroleum and ......read more

    NUXE Paris Launches Merveillance® Expert

    The 1st ever anti-aging skincare range that repairs all three dermal proteins  Dubai, 10 June, 2014 - As suggested by its name, NUXE Merveillance® Expert is a technologically advanced range of expert skin care based on newly discovered key molecules found at the heart the day lily flower.  These molecules are capable of acting on a protein of aging called Vimentin that has, so far, remained unexplored in cosmetics, allowing Merveillance® Expert to create an amazingly effective weapon that helps diminish wrinkles and combat the loss of firmness in all skin types for ......read more

    IWC Schaffhausen and JU-AIR: Jointly Conquering the Skies for 20 years

    PILOT’S WATCH CHRONOGRAPH EDITION “JU-AIR” Schaffhausen, 9 July 2014 – For years now, IWC Schaffhausen and the Swiss airline JU-AIR have cultivated a partnership based on a mutual admiration of the Junkers JU-52 aircraft. Of just eight airworthy vintage JU-52s worldwide, one has carried the IWC logo for two decades and, in the year 2000, started out on a circumnavigation of the globe to publicize a new IWC Pilot’s Watch. Time, then, to acknowledge JU-AIR’s outstanding work. In honour of the airline established to keep the ......read more

    Baume & Mercier's Hampton Medium is the legendary gift to light up this year's Eid celebrations

    As the Holy month of Ramadan gives way to the cheerful celebrations of Eid, one of the most significant customs of the festival is giving gifts to near and dear ones. With this thought in mind, luxury Swiss watchmaking company Baume & Mercier offers the perfect tokens to capture the warm essence of the festival in the form of two new Hampton Medium watches. Always part of life’s exquisite moments, Baume & Mercier’s new Hampton Medium timepieces make for the best gifts to convey to your loved ones how much they mean to you. The Hampton collection This year, to celebrate ......read more

    Offer your eyes a signature look with MAKE UP FOR EVER

    MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces 3 black, long-lasting eyeliners to achieve those stunning eyes With MAKE UP FOR EVER, it's ALL ABOUT BLACK EYELINERS this season! Introducing 3 intense black, long-lasting eyeliners (Ink Liner, Artist Liner, Graphic Liner) with different finishes to its range, MAKE UP FOR EVER now offers you the must-have eyeliners which adapt to your preference and provide you with any look you desire…be it defined eyes, enchanting eyes, intense color, adjustable line or precise line. Black eyeliners are considered the IT trend, acting like real magnets to attract ......read more

    Mikyajy launches voluminous lip shades to dress you up this Eid

    Seeking inspiration from the season’s best beauty trends, Mikyajy, region’s favorite make-up brand has launched the all new Color & Gloss and Glow Gloss from its hot-selling Sabaya range. A beauty roundup dedicated to divas who love to pose with a pronounced pout, the new Sabaya Color & Gloss range is a true celebration of luxe colors that will light up your festive moments this Eid. Featuring a unique double-ended format, the Color & Gloss is a rich silky matte color at one end and a matching ultra-comfortable lip gloss on the other. With a flicker of ......read more

    Zenith Star 33mm - Ageless Femininity

    Zenith is one of the rare watch Manufacturers to have succeeded over the decades in creating timeless watches – naturally including models dedicated to women – for almost 150 years. The Star collection is enriched this year with three new versions of the Star 33 mm watch, featuring an understated cushion-shaped case housing a delicate mechanism. Available this year in white or rose gold, including one model entirely set with brilliant-cut diamonds, these new 2014 releases will doubtless appeal to a woman looking for a timepiece that resembles her.  ZENITH AND WOMEN, AN ......read more

    Al Liali launches enchanting ‘Wave Collection'

    Bespoke designer jewelry inspired by the beauty of ocean waves Inspired by the beauty and bliss of ocean waves, Liali’s expressions of nature inspired ‘Wave Collection’ is all about being classy, graceful and certainly stunning.  Delve into an overwhelming collection in intricately designed pendants, ear-rings and diamond rings delicately carved in gold, rose and white gold options. The rave brilliance of diamonds delicately studded on waves of gold makes for a spectacular collection that reflects sheer elegance. Articulate craftsmanship along with ingenious ......read more

    Paris Gallery launches AHJAAR, a niche line of perfumes, exclusively available at its stores in the UAE

    [Dubai, July 2014] Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, launched a new line of niche oriental perfumes concocted by French perfumers. AHJAAR is a ‘precious’ line of eight perfumes – precious on account of its exclusivity, the rare ingredients used in its creation, and what they represent. These are scents that reflect the culture and allure of the East, each symbolizing a Middle Eastern precious stone. They take names such as FAIROUZ, KAHRAMAN, and ROYAL SAPPHIRE. This collection is available exclusively at Paris Gallery in the UAE.  In times ......read more

    Exclusive Timepieces Dedicated to Moscow Boutique

    TO CELEBRATE THE GRAND OPENING OF ITS NEW BOUTIQUE IN MOSCOW, VACHERON CONSTANTIN PRESENTED 4 LIMITED EDITIONS. A one-of-a-kind Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 model exclusively for the Moscow Boutique The Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 Moscow Boutique is a Vacheron Constantin masterpiece. Crafted in a limited edition of one, this watch celebrates the inauguration of the new Moscow Boutique that has now taken up residence in Berlin House. Equipped with a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, an equation of time as well as sunrise and sunset times for the city of Moscow, it pays tributes ......read more

    Get Gorgeous with make-up essentials from Lifestyle this EID

    Create varied looks with Deborah and NYX Add a touch of glam to your look this festive season with Lifestyle’s eclectic range of cosmetics from internationally renowned brands such as NYX and Deborah.  Assorted, stylish- and totally fuss free, Deborah rolls out a range of exciting cosmetics that embraces the graceful element of the season. Accentuate your eyes with some gorgeous shades of 24 ORE Velvet Eye Shadow and apply a finishing touch to your lashes with the 24 ORE Absolute Volume Mascara. Dab on the Luminature Bronzing Powder to your cheeks for a radiant satin finish ......read more

    It took two to Tango their way to victory at the first anniversary of Baume & Mercier's Clifton collection

    Popular sayings like “you can’t clap with one hand” or “one for sorrow, two for joy,” confirm that everything is better in pairs,and this is a belief that Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier has committed itself to celebrating with its Clifton collection. With ”Two to tango” as the theme, the brand recently ushered in an exciting 1st anniversary celebration in Dubai for the Clifton Duo by enabling guests to live the collection’s cherished spirit in a unique way - an evening dedicated to dancing the Tango. There truly wasn’t a better way ......read more

    Aldo Magada : New President & CEO of Zenith

    LVMH confirms the appointment of Aldo Magada as President & CEO of Zenith. He will be taking up his duties on July 1st 2014.  Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Group Division, expressed his conviction that Zenith is bound to benefit from the new CEO’s wealth of experience in the watch industry, reinforced by his strategic intelligence, his product development expertise and his in-depth knowledge of the Manufacture. FROM REPUTATION TO RECOGNITION A Swiss national born in 1958, Aldo Magada is married and has two children. After graduating from the University ......read more

    Enter a World of Joyful Giving - The Body Shop Reveals Great Gifts for Eid

    This Ramadan and Eid, indulge your loved-ones with luxuriously lavish gifts. Step into The Body Shop, or go online at <www.thebodyshop.xx>, to enter a wonderful world of joyful giving…  Discover a world of sumptuous gift sets, many of which have been specially created for this festive time of year. Elegantly packaged, they’re brimming with exquisite fragrances, gorgeous body care goodies and divine must-have make-up. Each decadent-looking gift set will be cherished by friends and family. Be inspired by the world. Capturing the beauty of the planet, many of The ......read more

    Lush Best-selling Fresh Products

    Lush’s best-selling fresh and honest products Lush’s ranges of handmade, natural products are a result of over 30 years of innovating with fresh fruits, essential oils and natural products. So not only do our Lush products leave you shining on the outside, but you can also feel pretty good on the inside as well. The freshness and vitality found in these old favourites from Lush are just two of the reasons why they have become our best-sellers across the Middle East, promising to leave your skin feeling comforted and glowing while remaining true to the Lush ethos of ......read more

    Mythic Oil Sève Protectrice

    OIL-IN-CREAM NOURISHING STYLING OIL, HEAT PROTECTION UP TO 230°C / 446°F Inspired by the beauty rituals of legendary Orient, MYTHIC OIL by L’Oréal Professionnel, first launched in 2011 in nearly sixty countries around the globe, has become the at-home and in-salon must have! Used backstage during the Paris, London, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, this iconic product is now part of an expanded haircare range designed to target women’s specific needs.  MYTHIC OIL SÈVE PROTECTRICE: NEW SUPERSTAR HEAT-SHIELD Frequent use of heat-styling tools and ......read more

    Zenith Brand Ambassador, Dr. Majd Naji, officially displays Zenith timepieces at the Liberty Dental Clinic

    The Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Tribute to Charles Vermot is being auctioned off with the proceeds going towards the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre In light of the recent partnership that was struck between prominent Swiss watch manufacture, Zenith watches and the brand’s Ambassador from the Middle East, cosmetic dentist Dr. Majd Naji, Regional Brand Director, Mr. Georges Bechara paid a visit to the Liberty Dental Clinic to bestow a set of elite Zenith timepieces to the new Friend of the Brand. Dr. Naji subsequently displayed these beautiful timepieces at his clinic, thus ......read more

    Summer in Oman made special with exclusive Rasasi offer

    This summer is indeed special in Oman, thanks to a unique offer on some of the most exclusive perfume range from Rasasi Perfumes – one of the leading fragrance brands across the GCC region. The offer which is running through the summer months, and ending on the 5th of September 2014 is sure going to excite ardent customers looking for a wide array of perfumes and concentrated oils, across all Rasasi stores within the country. These exciting offers have been carefully chosen keeping in mind the needs of the customers.  Through the three month offer period, Rasasi is passing ......read more

    Malabar Gold & Diamonds is a ‘Superbrand' yet again

    Malabar Gold & Diamonds win ‘Superbrand’ status 2 times in a row Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one of world’s largest jewellery retailer has achieved the ‘Superbrand’ status for the year 2014. This is the second time Malabar Gold &Diamonds have achieved the Superbrand status. The award was given by Mr Mike English, Chairman – Superbrands Council. Superbrands organisation based in UK is acclaimed worldwide as being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence. The organization promotes the discipline of branding and pays tribute to ......read more

    Evita Peroni Wonder Girl Hairbands

    EVITA PERONI WONDER GIRL HAIRBANDS Pops of neon reign this summer with bright acrylic hairbands in a head-turning electric palette making the ultimate Pop Art statement.  Available from leading hair accessories brand Evita Peroni.  ...read more

    Essie Gel Makes its Summer Debut at N.BAR

    Come Get Your ‘Gel’ On - The Essie Gel Collection Makes its Way to N.Bar With busySummer schedules before us, wouldn't you love fabulous long lasting nails that are ‘chic for keeps and last for weeks. The award-winning polish, Essie, has released it's very own gel polish line and it’s made its way to N.Bar, just in time for beach season, getting your nails glam ready for the Summer months! The highly anticipated collection boasts a range of 36 go-to classics and on-trend polishes that are inspired by your favorite shades. If you have an Essie signature ......read more

    A Special July Travel Package at The Cure Beauty Spa

    Perfect Nails, Perfect Holidays Dubai, Monday 30th June 2014: Summer has arrived in all it’s glory and whether you’re getting ready to jet off to an exotic holiday destination or even just back home to celebrate a friend or family member’s wedding, you are, without a doubt, going to want to have your nails looking fabulous for the month of July! Why not take advantage of our Special July Travel Package, which is available at both our Dubai Media City and Green Community locations of The Cure. Designed specifically for travelling tips, The Cure is offering you the ......read more

    Eberhard & Co. presents latest collections at JCK-Las Vegas

    The 2014 collection of the Swiss Maison, just back from an amazingly successful presentation at the US - Las Vegas event’s visitors, It was displayed for the first time. First of all the new Contograf chronograph, a re-edition of the homonymous creation from the 1960s. Most of the original features have been maintained in the new 2014 edition but there are as well many innovative details: the new ceramic bezel with unidirectional rotation, the deployment clasp Déclic (Patented) and the new Chassis® steel bracelet. The screwed-in caseback is personalized with the inscription ......read more

    Hair color will never the same with the new Prodigy from L'Oreal Paris

    What if we told you Oil can color your hair? L’OREAL Paris has once again introduced a revolution that makes this possible! We were able to replace the ammonia with micro-oil technology, which diffuses the colors deep inside the hair. Hence, the extraordinary color result will not just be long-lasting and beautiful but most importantly it will be completely Ammonia-free! L’Oreal Paris reveals the new Micro-Oil technology for the very first time which boosts the action of the Ammonia-free coloring agents at the heart of the hair fiber thereby achieving great color results. The ......read more

    Let Eid 2014 shine with the elegance of a gift from Longines

    As the Holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, it brings with it the excitement of the forthcoming festivities of Eid Al Fitr! Allow the festive season to shine brighter with the elegance of a Longines timepiece, undoubtedly the perfect gifts for any occasion that leave a lasting impression on the receiver. True to their slogan “Elegance is an attitude,” the illustrious Swiss watchmaker presents the ideal collection to bestow as gifts on Eid this year – the Longines Elegant Collection. Longines has always focused on elegance and this quality has been perfectly represented ......read more

    Embrace a fresh and ideal summer with Capital Soleil from Vichy

    Protection from the sun and the damages it can cause on the skin’s beauty and health is the call of the hour, especially when it comes to the summer in the Gulf. Pioneers in the field of sun protection, Vichy presents the cutting-edge and effective Capital Soleil – an extraordinary combination of High UV Filtration with extreme sensory textures for an ideal and beautiful skin under the sun. Skin is exposed to three prime types of UV rays: UVB rays, short-wave UVA and long-wave UVA with each impacting both the health and quality of skin. While UVB cause sun burn or darker, ......read more

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