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Saadia Zaman
A Fusion Artist

Two wind towers viewed from a balcony blur into abstract art, silver Bedouin jewellery superimposed and embossed look ready-to-wear and calligraphic words of worship raised in prayer to Allah amidst the hazy architectural patterns of Dubai's mosques and souqs greet the spectator from behind gold- bordered frames.

A major player at the International Arts Centre, Saadia Zamaan, a Pakistani by birth, is known locally for her collograph prints. After exploring various mediums like watercolours and pastels, she found her niche in etchings and collographs.

        The Khanjar

The Arabic Coffee Pot - 1

The art of making Collograph prints.

"60% of the work in creating a collograph print lies in making the plate," says Saadia. Collograph prints are obtained from collograph plates, that are made of wood or cardboard. A collage or design is made on the plate, inked and then made to go through a manually operated press to get the final print.

Several prints can be made from these plates, but you can never achieve the same effect twice. A fine example of this is the Arabic coffee pot (1 & 2). The two prints come from the same source. Although the plate used is the same, experimenting with different colour combinations creates such overwhelmingly different results sometimes, "that people often can't identify them as having come from a common source," says Saadia.

Once the print is made, Saadia uses the paintbrush briefly at the end, to give that touch of finesse to her art works. Gold leaf and coloured foils are not spared in her quest to bring out the richness of her art. But, where most artists use traditional canvas to paint, Saadia makes use of handmade paper.

Bold patterns and textures come to life in Saadia's prints. Rich vibrant yellows, reds, royal blues and orange run through them, evoking a feel of the cosmopolitan culture and nature of the people of Dubai. Gold and silver are used extensively to accentuate the richness of Islamic art-chitecture. Her "Imprints of Dubai" are indeed a homage to Dubai's rich heritage.

The Arabic Coffee Pot - 2

If you wish to contact the artist, please click here.

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