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Summer Hair
Courtesy Finola's Beauty Salon

Ask Finola any questions you may have about make-up, skin-care, electrolysis, aromatherapy, facials, and other beauty therapies.

As we all know by now, exposure to the summer elements - sun, sea and sand, cause a great deal of damage to the healthy condition and moisture balance within each individual hair shaft. What many people don't realise though is that the effects of a summer in the sun can stay with us for the next six months because harmful chemicals and minerals are driven right into the hair shaft, damaging the cells that are pushing out new hairs in the process.

Moisture is essential to healthy looking hair. The sun is one of the hairs worst enemies. Damaging UV rays draw moisture from the inner cortex, resulting in the appearance of brittle, dry hair, often with split ends. It is vital therefore to give your hair support, to maintain its health, shine and condition throughout the summer months.

Don't be lulled into thinking dark hair can cope better with the sun. The reality is quite to the contrary, since dark hair actually absorbs more harmful rays UVA rays and therefore is even more prone to damage than fair hair. Salt and chlorinated waters can also exact a toll. Daily exposure to these two elements has a drying effect on the hair that can lead to various problems such as breakage, tangling, dull appearance.

Q. How can I repair the damage of the sun's rays and beach wear and tear on my hair ?

A. The best way is to use a shampoo and conditioner with excellent moisturising properties. It will provide all the moisture you need and more. These shampoos are designed especially for weak or damaged hair, to provide maximum reconstruction from inside out.

Q. What is the best way to get chlorine out of my hair ?

A. The perfect swimmers shampoo is TIGI Deep Cleansing Shampoo as it contains an advanced anti-chlorine agent to remove submerged chlorine from the hair. Apply a conditioner to counteract dryness, add gloss and make combing easier and rinse out thoroughly.

Q. Is there anything I can do before I go on holiday to help prevent the damage ?

A. To help limit the damage, you need to act in plenty of time and prepare your hair so that it is in optimum condition and ready to do battle ! First things first, you need to get your hair cut into a style that suits your lifestyle. It is vital to cut away the damage of the winter months and start off with hair that is in excellent condition. Another great idea is to boost moisture levels in the hair with a deep conditioning treatment twice a week in the run up to, and during, summer.

Q. Apart from wearing a hat, what can I do to protect my hair when I'm in the sun ?

A. Use as a sunscreen on your hair. This will not only give you a sophisticated slicked back look as you bask in the sun, but its built in sunscreen will protect your hair from colour fade and UV damage.

Q. I have thin hair which often goes flat in the summer, what can you recommend ?

A. Washing hair daily in the summer often makes hair flat and this is a particular problem for thin hair. Again, there are specially formulated shampoos that will help you that can combat this problem.

Q. All I need at the end of a long hot day by the pool is a bit of light refreshment, what can you recommend ?

A. TIGI's Peppermint Treatment is the perfect product for you ! This is a cool, tingling treatment for the scalp, creating increased oxygen flow and nourishing and invigorating the hair.

Finola Hall, GoDubai's Beauty Advisor

Finola brings to her job over 20 years of experience in the field of beauty care. After having completed a two-year college course in the U.K. , she qualified as a Beauty Therapist and Electrical Epilation (electrolysis) with the prestigious City and Guilds. Simultaneously, she acquired a Diploma with the International Health & Beauty Council.

Preferring the high seas to terra firma at the outset, she worked on the exclusive cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II and the Canberra Cruising to New York, the Caribbean, the Bermuda islands and Norway.

She arrived in Dubai at a time when beauty-care was still in its infancy. After having managed a fitness and beauty salon for five years, she founded the Finola's Beauty Salon in 1990. In the past few years, she has studied at the well-known Mana Gallard School and the Clarins Institute in Paris.

A firm believer in the dictum 'you never stop learning', she keeps herself constantly updated on the latest techniques and products by attending short-term courses during her annual vacations.

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