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The First Day in School

Vinitha George

The day dawned with lots of apprehension. Arranging my daughter's bag for her first day in school, my mind revolved on these questions...

Am I doing the right thing by sending my baby to nursery? Isn't she a bit too small for this burden (which weigh not less than 2 kg) on her shoulders? After all, she is just two years and four months. Moreover, all these 852 days she was under my wings. Pampered and protected. How can she be with out me? Will she cry on her first day? Will she like the new place? Will the older boys hit her?...

Well, I should face it. This is the real world; I have to make her ready for it. She has to grow up, and not be a mama's girl always. I have to let her go. Therefore, with that thought, I strengthened myself to be ready for the first day.

Well, to make matters worse, she was supposed to go alone on the School Bus on the first day itself. I was not sure who was going to cry first. My baby or me. My husband warned me against the latter.

The school bus arrived a little later than promised, which gave us, me and her father, enough time to prepare our daughter, for her very first ride alone. I saw her face contort, as soon as I gave her to the female assistant in the bus. I prayed, “Oh god, don't let her cry!” Well, he heard me. She didn't cry. She went on and sat in the seat allowed to her. My brave little darling! The bus took off, leaving us both a void in our heart. Our baby is not ours anymore. She is on her own world from now. A thinking, which left me feeling, scared of the days to come.

We too, went to the school to see her going to her class, without her knowledge. To my surprise, there were lot of others, who like us were rubbing their hands, waiting anxiously, to see their daughter or son, going to their classes for the very first day. Some were even holding cameras and video cam to take it all in, for the years to come.

After a gruelling half an hour, the bus came with the new students. Struggling with each other we all tried to sneak a quick look at our offspring's from a distance. There she is, holding hand with a teacher's assistant, being taken to her class. She was not crying, but not smiling either. A bit nervy perhaps, of what is waiting for her.

We came back happy. Sure now, that she is in safe hands. Moreover, my baby likes to meet new friends and learn new things, which I was sure she would find to her heart's content at the place where she was now.

The first day went without any mishaps. A far cry from all the nightmares I had for the last few days.

Well, I don't know what tomorrow brings, though. Then, tomorrow is another day.

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