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Hengameh Mahvi
From the heart to the canvas

Iranian born, Australian Artist Hengameh Mahvi
speaks to GoDubai about her paintings, her passion
and her plans.

13 years ago she let her hands go free. "For over a year before that happened, I could not paint," revealed Hengemah Mahvi, Australian artist of Iranian origin. "About 13 years ago, I set myself free to express the skies, clouds and nature in my own personal style." Her paintings tread a unique path between abstract and surrealism, nudging the latent creativity within the viewer. "People are generally more comfortable with shapes they can recognise." rues the artist, who has traversed the well-worn paths indicated by art-schools only to seek newer ways. Hengameh draws on her emotions to create in a 'sea of colours' images that strangely seem as real and honest as the portraits of a young child.

A prize-winning horse owned by Shk. Mohammed

She draws her inspiration from masters of greatly differing cultures; the famous names of the 20th century Kandinsky, Chagall, Klee and Bracque. In Australia where she spent her formative years as an artist she was inspired by the works of Bret Whitely and aboriginal art. The latter in particular moved her profoundly because of its total communion with nature.

Hengameh's passion for the sky, the movement of the clouds and particularly the stillness and the hidden power of the vast ocean, have found expression in the works created in Dubai, her home for the last two years."My favourite place is the creek. I can spend hours sitting alone on the rocks observing the colours around me", reveals the charming artist.

Hengameh's works have a compelling originality, that only an artist who can speak with passion

A strikingly original view of the prominent sail
structure of the Dubai Creek and Golf Club

Hues of nature - compelling originality

about Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat, and in the same breath, narrate Dreamtime stories of the Aboriginals, can hope to achieve. An essential learner, she speaks with childlike excitement of her plans to interact with a 70-year-old artist based in Paris. "I can't wait to look at the leaves, trees and the sky from her point of view", enthuses Hengameh.

If you wish to contact the artist;
P.O. Box 31558, Dubai, U.A.E., Tel/fax : 9714 210708, Mobile: 050 652 0532

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