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Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick: How To Be Successful At Keeping Your Goal Beyond January

A few weeks into the New Year, and most signs of the holiday season are gone: no festive lights, your New Year's outfit is back in the closet, and those delicious holiday treats have all been eaten.

There is however, still that extra holiday weight.  And a few weeks into your resolution, that double-chocolate cookie is looking mighty tempting.  How do you stay strong?

“Vain wishes have no sustenance and will never bring your goals to fruition,” says author Wavie Rodgers.  “Wishing, hoping, wanting and positive thinking alone will not help you with your resolution.”

In his book The Money Mandate, Rodgers teaches the building blocks for setting goals and achieving them.  Most importantly, says Rodgers, for a goal like a New Year's resolution to succeed, you have to put planning into it, make it realistic and allow yourself the proper time to see results.

To have success with your resolution this year, Rodgers recommends:
1) Have a Purpose, Vision and Goal
“If you want to change old habits, and want to do better, work harder or be smarter, you have to identify what path you're going to take and you have to make a commitment.”

2) Stop Making Excuses
“Your life will not end by wanting to make a positive change, and you don't have to justify why you failed at previous resolutions … leave your past behind and focus your thoughts on this New Year's resolution.”

3) Do Not Seek Instant Gratification
“It takes time to break old habits and to learn something new … we fail because as soon as a thought enters our mind, we want to see results right away.”

4) Put Action Behind Your Thoughts
“You can't drive up a hill without pressing the accelerator to get the power to climb, similarly, you need action now and you need to start doing what you want to do – now.”

By putting these four simple steps into play, Rodgers says any New Year's Resolution is achievable.
“You don't even need to worry about how it's going to happen,” he says.  “Just put your plan into action and I guarantee it will come together.

In The Money Mandate Rodgers teaches the principles needed to create a healthier, wealthier and more prosperous lifestyle.

Source : Wavie Rodgers,
Author, ‘The Money Mandate' ©2008
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