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Amusing Moments in Life

Surfers were asked to narrate an amusing moment in their life for a chance to meet and dine with the Giggling Guru Dr. Madan Kataria, who has pioneered laughter clubs all over the world. Given below are some of those responses in no particular order. Have fun! (The identity of the surfers has not been disclosed for obvious reasons).

I had just taken a shower and realised that my clothes were outside drying in the beautiful U.A.E sun. I decided to go and get them and forgot that I was only wearing a tiny towel barely covering my body. As I stepped out of the door singing "Macarena" I went to pick up my clothes and realised that someone was laughing. As I turned, I found my gardener and his two friends staring at me. Instead of calmly walking back into the house, I ran and in the process I lost my grip on the towel! It didn't seem funny at the time, but I have to say I grin everytime I remember the unfortunate incident!
SH, Sharjah - Winner!
Our 8 month-old-son had just started strolling in the house. My wife and myself were busy watching TV. After some time, we noticed that my son was not around. We searched the house, balcony and the area outside for almost 5-10 minutes, but we couldn't locate him. We finally found him sitting under the study table calmly playing with his toy. The tension left us immediately and both of us laughed for a long time.
DB, Dubai - Winner!
It was my wedding day, and so forcibly according to my customs I had to fast on the day. I was extremely tired and exhausted and was looking at people who were enjoying their food to glory. To my astonishment my husband immediately noticed this and he took me aside where he offered me a chocolate and forced met to eat. As I was very shy, I decided that I will have two-three bites , when suddenly a group of people (my relatives and his relatives) caught sight of us. We all had a hearty laugh. I was also a little embarrassed in front of my in-laws. After that my ma-in-law made me eat the whole dinner.
KA, Dubai - Winner!
In my first job and first day as a waiter in India, a customer ordered a screw-driver. I went to the Engineering Dept., and got him a screw-driver. Both the customer and his friend burst out laughing.
MG, Abu Dhabi - Winner!
It was once when I had gone to my driving test at Deira Murror. And the inspectors were calling out the names and there was one candidate whose name was "Adhiraman Subramanium". And the inspector kept calling out a name that sounded like" anotherman superman" So this candidate was sitting from morning 7.30 to 1.00 noon without responding to the inspector. And then he got impatient and asked one of the inspectors as to why his name is not being called, when this inspector checked with the window and said that he was calling out this name from morning but no one responded to "anotherman superman!"
MF, Dubai - Winner!
My daughter aged 22 months was in India for the first time. One day she was out barefoot playing in the yard and and was very excited about something and called out to my mum "look nana! I'm walking on stones"! my mother and I had a hearty laugh - she was just walking on gravel (something that was part of our life growing up in India) but all she had seen in the UAE was sand so this was a very exciting moment for her.
SM, Dubai - Winner!
My 3 year old son was eating jelly and my eight month daughter was asking for some so I gave her a chunk of the jelly and she has this habit of blowing - so she did whoof and the jelly flew straight onto my son's chest (he was bare-bodied at that moment). It was hilarious and we laughed and laughed including the baby who knew something was funny.
LR, Dubai
My Personnel Manager is well educated, but zero in computers. One day he tried to type a letter on the computer. The screen display was showing "PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE". After 1/2 hour I went in, knowing that he was facing some problem. He asked me "A strange keyboard we have! There is no ANY KEY!" he exclaimed. I couldn't control my laughter.
SJ, Sharjah
We saw a boy's shorts down while he was at one of the Wild Wadi rides. We were all trying to tell him that his shorts were down, and he was under the impression that we are praising him. So he started surfing more enthusiastically, until he realized what was missing.
MA, Dubai
One day we went to a friend's house and spoke the usual nice stuff about everything and everyone. On leaving the house, we were escorted to the lift. We got into the lift rather fast and as the doors closed we thought we were on the way down. We started to talk and imitate our friends in the lift when we heard a voice say "press G if you would like to go down". Sheesh! Our friends! The lift was on the same floor with our hosts standing outside. Thankfully, our friends took it in a lighter vein.
CG, Dubai
My 2000 birthday surprise! My birthday is in July. My family and friends gave me the 1st surprise before my actual birth-date during my afternoon nap. I heard loud noises and figured after a few minutes that it was the whole jing bang singing Happy Birthday. And I apparently had slept in my freaky coloured shorts! After that my dad asked me to drop him at work and my jeep was double parked till I realised that the Lexus (fully loaded) which was blocking my jeep was leased by my dad for the weekend for me. And then the surprises went on till 15th July - which obviously will take more than 50/100 words to describe. What amusing moments they were in my life!
GA, Dubai
When learning to ride a two-wheeler for the first time, I drove straight between the legs of a man walking on the street and took him by surprise.The embarrassment on both our faces can't be forgotten.
TS, Sharjah
Life in Dubai is very hectic unless you make it a point to stop and do things differently. So we all decided to go to the zoo. Seeing all the animals and birds locked up in cages 'amused' me to pieces. I consider myself lucky that I am not one of them and henceforth have made it a point to enjoy life to its fullest.
CF, Dubai
I met a good friend of mine, who was retiring and leaving Dubai for good. When I asked him "Uncle, after spending so many years in Dubai, do you think that it was a wonderful experience and have you achieved your GOALS IN LIFE?" He said very proudly, "Of course! It is due to my hard work and so many years of dedicated service and savings. I am proud to say that.... I STUDIED MY SON AND MARRIED MY DAUGHTER!"
HA, Dubai
On a holiday from India, my cousin wanted to come to my office during the day, and he decided to come by bus. My wife duly explained the routes, and even went to the bus-stop to drop him off. As the bus was approaching, he told her, "when you get home, please call G and tell him (in Sindhi) - Dharmesh charyo aahe - which means Dharmesh has boarded the bus, and also means - Dharmesh is mad/crazy - the pun is on the word 'charyo', and it came straight from the horse's mouth!
GA, Dubai
It was the last of school and my friends and I were planning on our High School prom. After all the talks and everything we finally decided to have it in a Discotheque. On the day, my friend's asked me to sing at the Karoake bar. I went through all the songs. They seemed so boring. I told the lady to choose a song for me. A few seconds later I hear "Like a virgin" I choked and looked at the people as they are trying not to laugh. I ended up singing. It is a good thing Madonna was not there to hear me or the crowd as they laughed. I almost died of embarrassment.
AD, Sharjah - Winner!
I was about 10 year of age and had recently watched JAWS. My family would to go to the beach every Friday. Not knowing how to swim, I accidentally went into the deep. I started drowning. On the other side some people were having a race and were shouting START, START. I heard it as SHARK, SHARK. All the more scared and terrified, I was eventually rescued by my brother, who I almost drowned as well, in my panic.
AS, Dubai

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