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GoDubai staff member wins Roadstar Contest
Sultan Ibrahim Mohammed, was adjudged a winner of the RoadStar contest, organized by the Emirates Motor Sports Federation. He recounts, "I parked the van in Bur Dubai when a police car stopped alongside. I must admit I panicked. Were they going to fine me for something? The inspector stepped out and congratulated me! The Dubai FM people then interviewed me. It seemed so unreal at that time." Hearty congratulations Mohammed! "He is a very safe driver", says another GoDubai employee. Lets hear it from other Roadstar Winners!

Nusrat Baig Contributes

Kitting, a Dubai resident gives us an interesting and rather true account of drivers in Dubai. This is your page and you can express anything you strongly feel about. To submit your views click here.

I like to drive fast but I guess there are some people (actually, a lot) who recklessly drive way faster than I do. I won't specify either nationality or age. It won't be politically correct - but I guess we all know who they are as we see them almost everywhere.

On second thoughts, maybe I should just list the type of drivers I normally see on the road.

Driver 1:The racers!
They drive so fast that cars on the road think there is an earthquake when they pass by. These drivers should probably be hired by Dubai Police/CID or better still, the paramedics. They most certainly shake you up with their speed. Moreover, at that high speed, they immediately step on the breaks as they approach the radar . No small wonder that there are too many accidents along the Jebel Ali road!

Driver 2: The suicidal zigzag drivers!
Other than being driver #1, they think the road is zigzag. They go from the extreme right to the extreme left and so on and so forth till they reach their destination. Worse still, they continue to chat on the phone whilst driving. Phew!

Driver 3: The good drivers!
(a small miracle that there are still a few left in Dubai!) They are the newly licenced drivers (who else?). They use the indicators; they stay in the middle of the lane with seatbelts on and drive at a normal speed and most sensibly, use handsfree mobile phones.

Driver 4: The "can't-wait" drivers.
They usually are the ones who keep honking just a nanosecond after the traffic light turns green even though there's is the fifth car down the line.

Driver 5: The park drivers!
They drive so slowly under the happy assumption that they are in a park. What is worse is they drive on the fast lane. Sometimes they make you wonder if they are driving or meditating. By the way, most of them sit in an upright position and carefully hold the steering wheel as if it is a precious crystal. The perfect route to a stiff neck!

Driver 6: The unpredictable drivers!
You wouldn't be able to guess their moves - whether it is turning or stopping, but you can be sure they will anytime.

Driver 7: The Disco Drivers!
They must've put all the speakers they can possibly fit in their car. You can literally hear their music even when you are miles away.

And finally Driver 8:
Interior Decorators! Their cars are chock-full of stuffed toys, ornaments & stickers! (They have DSF & SSF stickers, Singapore Airline stickers, Channel 4 FM stickers, Kellogs, CFC stickers- name it and their cars have it.

Nursat Baig adds four more types of drivers to Kitting's list.

Driver 9: The Heroes!
These are the people who never use their indicators on the main road while changing lanes or while turning and people have to keep guessing what their next move is.

Driver 10: The Disorganised!
These are the people who do not plan ahead as to where they want to go and which lane to take. They keep changing lanes without any prior indication and cause accidents.

Driver 11: The Overtakers!
These are the kind of people one usually finds at every U-turn. These are the people who just cannot seem to wait in the line and overtake the person who is already waiting and delays them. What's worse...these people make faces and look at you as if you have done something wrong!

Driver 12: Pedestrian drivers!
These are the kind of drivers who drive thru the yellow signal (which is about to turn to red) but stop right in the middle of the pedestrian crossing. Some drivers stop on the main road too in the middle of nowhere sometimes. Who are they crossing for? The pedestrians or cars?

Please feel free to add to the list above.
Love your life. Drive safely!

This is your page and you can express anything you strongly feel about. To submit your views click here.

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