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Eleanor Brodie - The Feng Shui Expert

Feng Shui in a nutshell
More about Eleanor
Consult the Feng Shui Expert

President Fidel Ramos of the Phillipines removed three trees in front of the Malacanang Palace on the advice of a Feng Shui expert - a stepping stone, perhaps, to his successful presidency. The Singapore one dollar coin has the Pa Kua symbol to circumvent bad Feng Shui! Closer home, Eleanor first used Feng Shui on her own factory in Jebel Ali and it worked. "Feng Shui is increasingly being used as a management tool," says Eleanor, "because people are beginning to accept the dynamics of the energies around us. To put it simply - why do you feel good in one room as against the other?"

Feng Shui Consultation
For Eleanor, Feng Shui began as a personal quest for a remedy and has now become full-time work. A consultation with Eleanor would begin even before she physically visits the house or business. With the birth-dates of her clients, Eleanor prepares a detailed horoscope. "In the initial consultation itself, I would let the person explain to me the nature of the problem", says Eleanor. On physically examining the house or business establishment using Feng Shui methods, she then prepares a highly detailed report of the solutions to be implemented. "I practice the Flying Star Feng Shui, Compass Directional Feng Shui, 8-Mansions Feng Shui and Black Hat Tantric Feng Shui, often overlaying 2-3 methods simultaneously for maximum results", says Eleanor.

Feng Shui - balance and practicality
Feng Shui like other ancient practices has been scoffed at as superstitious rubbish and being totally impractical. "There are times, in a home or in a factory, when I can clearly see that a major change could be made. However, the cost factor has to be taken into account. It is up to the Feng Shui practitioner to provide practical and effective alternatives".

Currently involved in providing consultation for the construction of an airport in New York, Eleanor is never too busy for the individual seeking a happier future. "In fact," she laughs, "I invite my clients to walk around Safa Park with me as they seek advice".

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The ancient art of Feng Shui
  • Feng (wind) Shui (water) is the 6000-year-old Chinese art of living in harmony with the land and keeping time with nature.
  • It is not only profoundly creative and intuitive, but it is also a science employing diagnostic equipment, mathematical formulas and specialised language.
  • The practice of Feng Shui embodies a belief that there are subtle forces in our surroundings that can impact upon our lives.
  • It provides a framework for understanding the secrets of how energy moves in our surroundings and how the landscape, the style of our buildings and their interiors affect us at a subtle level.
  • Feng Shui is commonly applied to existing homes or businesses, but can also be extremely valuable when:
    • Selecting a site for a home or business;
    • Establishing the best orientation for a building
    • Designing a building;
    • Designing an extension;
    • Placing furniture and or special objects in a room;
    • Selecting the best room for each occupant;
    • Selecting colours;
    • Designing a garden.
  • Perhaps it will be a Feng Shui "cure" and /or just a different furniture arrangement. Perhaps a different way of entering your home or a different way of looking at what you already have. These may lead to new way of approaching on old problem or even the disapearance of an issue.
  • So what is good Feng Shui?
    • It is aesthetically pleasing.
    • It is functional
    • It is environmentally sound
    • It is attractive to others
    • That we are happy
    • That we prosper
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    More about Eleanor

    A cursory glance at this elegant and very attractive Malaysian (Part Chinese) woman, seated as she was in the coffee shop at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza would lead you to easily believe that she is a lady of leisure. Looks cannot be more deceptive than they are with Eleanor. A hard-core businesswoman, Eleanor has spent more time in a factory than the average male. "When the business was just beginning to grow, I would spend sleepless nights. I would be out by 6.00am and set out immediately for the Dubai oil companies which would be open by 7.00am. Most of the major deals have been made over the early morning coffee with the managers of various oil companies and other industries in Jebel Ali."
    Tenure in Dubai 25 years (16 years practicing Feng Shui)
    Favourite spot in DubaiMy garden (Jumeirah, Dubai)
    My HusbandA typical German with an eye for quality, he was non-commital about Feng Shui. Today, after having experienced good Feng Shui, he accepts the basic principles of this ancient practice.
    My weakness"I can't help being troubled when people are distressed." This quest for harmony and her Chinese heritage, have quite naturally led her to Feng Shui. She also has an an active interest in Yoga, Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach flower Remedies, Sai Sanjivini healing fragrances, Pendulum and Crystal Healing.
    Fitness RoutineHer trim figure belies her fifty-something age. She says, "I used to do a lot of scuba diving, horseback riding and skiing. Today, I keep myself fit with regular yoga, aerobic sessions and some brisk walking."
    Reiki in the Gulf The people in the Gulf are already tuned to Asian beliefs. Not surprisingly, Reiki has found an easy following here.
    Favourite BooksI read esoteric books on many topics including Feng Shui of course. Historical novels are also favourites with me.
    Work EthicWork hard, work honestly and willingly
    Happy MemoriesOn my mother's last visit, I had the immense satisfaction of spending a lot of time with her and doing crazy, impulsive things together. Somehow I felt she did not have too long to live.
    Philosopy of lifeWhatever you put in, you get back.
    Consult Eleanor - The Feng Shui Expert

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