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C. Dinesh - Passenger Sales Manager, KLM Airlines

Our personality in a nutshell
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He is in a highly demanding job. A careless nod or a slip of the tongue can be catastrophic in a 'dog-eat-dog' industry. He still finds time for the 200 plus destitutes at 'Abhaya Ashraya' in Mangalore. C. Dinesh, known as Danny to friends, holds a high profile job with KLM airlines with time enough for those less privileged.

As a young Keralite from Cannannore, Dinesh had up his sleeves an automobile engineering degree and sky-high ambitions to succeed, when he first came to Dubai. He consciously shrugged off the typical ghetto mentality of an expatriate and befriended the local community - an approach that opened up a whole new world of opportunities to make it to the top. "My best friend, Mohammad Al Marri is a local. I always try diversity when it comes to choosing friends," says Dinesh.

The Marketing Professional
A graduate from Madras Christian college, Dinesh started off his career in the airline industry with DNATA and was trained by British Airways, London. He came out in flying colours as 'the student of the course' in 1972. In 1976 he joined KLM as a reservation and ticketing staff member and is now the Passenger Sales Manager, Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

In a market that has witnessed the mushrooming of new airlines, it is a challenge to be on the top. Meticulous planning and speedy implementation of marketing strategies were the key to success. "If you are not vigilant, you will be eaten up by the enemies. A daily analysis of the market is a must," says Dinesh.

Where the customer is the king, quality and reliability determine your business life span. "I never argue on price. It is the reputation and the quality that matters." And we ensure it through our travel managers and agents who regularly undergo training programmes that highlight our unique selling points." Dinesh does not believe in gimmicks. What passengers look for is basic safety, comfort and efficiency. "We do not hesitate to invest money on maintenance and our engineering team oversees the operation round the clock."

The Man
Dinesh is much more than a hardcore marketing professional. He has time for every one and that makes him special. Born in a family with a long history of social service, Dinesh draws his inspiration from his father, C.P Chandrashekar, who himself was a freedom fighter and a social worker. Dinesh runs the 'Abhaya Ashraya,' a charitable institution in Mangalore, which houses more than 200 orphans and disabled individuals. The unique concept called 'Disabled Tourism' which endeavours to bring handicapped people to Dubai is his brainchild. "Those are the people who can't go places like us. If I can help the hapless, why shouldn't I," says Dinesh.

The airline industry was also a blessing for the adventure seeker in him. As a young man he had often dreamt of visiting every corner of the globe. His mission reached a climax of sorts when he landed at Lapland in Ivalo, the last airport on the earth. "Personally I am also happy to have contributed to this country that has given me so much." he says and continues, "I was successful in bringing the Dutch coach, Weil Coerver to train the UAE National Football team."

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Our Personality in a nutshell

I love my work becauseMy work is unique. I like to keep KLM successful in the market.
My HobbySurfing the net and web page building.
My favourite spots in DubaiNear the British Embassy. It is such a quiet spot.
My favourite cuisineThai
I dislikeNegative attitudes of people.
My role modelHary Palmer of 'Stars Edge'and Maharaji, my guru
My guiding principleTo be useful to the community and happy in life.
Happiest memories of my childhoodplaying football with my friends and my good teachers in school.
How do I keep fitOne-hour yoga daily.

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If you are a travel enthusiast, Dinesh has some useful tips for you.

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