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Gour Kanjilal - Regional Director, Indian Tourism

Gour Kanjilal
His likes and dislikes in a nutshell
More about Kanjilal

His product is unique like his job. His targets and strategies are different. His dedication is awe-inspiring. He markets a 'Nation with Countless Destinations.'
Mr.Gour Kanjilal, the Regional Director (West Asia) of the Govt. of India Regional Tourist office, Dubai got there not the easy way. He was born in 'Khulna' at Bangladesh, as the second among six childen and his family moved to India as refugees during the partition.

At 60, looking back at his eventful career, Kanjilal has the confidence and contentedness of a true veteran of Tourism. Having served the Indian Govt. for more than 30 years, now Gour Kanjilal spares no effort in wining tourists to visit India from nearly 30 countries in the West Asia, which comes under his jurisdiction. "This year from the Middle East market there has been a 16 percent increase of Arab tourists to India," says an enthusiastic Kanjilal.

It is a tough task at hand for Kanjilal- marketing India to the tour enthusiasts around the world. His positive approach and dedication make it easier for him. "People who crib about India should understand that she is a hugely populated nation reeling under umpteen problems. The naked realities like poverty, congestion and filth cannot be undone." "The mystic land, which offers a different scenario every 200 kms, is a unique blend of the timeless past and vibrant future."

He is exceptionally eloquent about the tourist potential of India with its tantalizing variety that will have you coming back for more. Having visited more that 64 countries and mastered various languages including Japanese and French, Kanjilal feels that he is in a better position to weigh India against other tourist destinations in the world. "My long experience has broadened my horizon and strengthened my vision to project India as the 'Nation with Countless Destinations'."
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I love my work coz'Get immense pleasure and satisfaction in promoting the cause of my country.
My hobbyReading, travelling, meeting and getting to know people of different nationalities.
My favourite spots in DubaiThe Desert, Aviation club and anywhere I can enjoy a long walk.
My favourite cuisineChinese and Arabic
I dislikeArrogance in people and money-can-buy-anything-attitude.

My role model
Swami Vivekananda of the Ramakrishna Mission.

My guiding principle
Work is worship. Do your job at your best. Results will follow.

Happiest memories of my childhood
The first award I won in my life for the Best Actor in school. Memories of reading the book, Russian Fables that I bought with the money my teacher gave me is as vivid as yesterday.
How do I keep fit?One and a half-hour of walk everyday.
I spend my weekendsSeldom get holidays. Will be busy with tours and seminars.

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More about Gour Kanjilal
A postgraduate in History from Delhi University, Kanjilal holds a Diploma in Tourism from France in addition to the certificate courses from World Tourism Organisation (WTO) and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). His incessant passion to travel and explore and enduring commitment to the cause of his country have taken him to the pinnacle of professional success. From an Information Assistant in the Govt. of India Tourist office in Calcutta in 1968, Kanjilal has trod a long way to this enviable position. The laurels of success have not made Kanjilal complacent in life but is determined like the legendary traveler Ulysses, ' to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.'

When asked about his two years experience in Dubai, Kanjilal is full of praise for this shopping hub of the Middle East. "If there is something called vision, determination and development, Dubai is the greatest example. And unlike many other countries, Dubai has earned the name and fame as the safest tourist destination."
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