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Get lucky with Colours – 2

Dr. JIN PEH Feng Shui Consultant with BERNADETTE KING –TURNER of Art and Picture Framing, Ground Floor, Lamcy Plaza tells you all about the importance of colours in Feng Shui.

Continuing our series, this month we focus on the colours black and blue.


Different colours will exert different effects on your home. In classical feng shui, each colour is classified according to the five naturally occurring elements, i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal and water.


Traditionally, black is one of the Chinese colours of mourning which is why it is not a popular choice when it comes to interior design in the Far East. However, in classical feng shui, black represents the water element and is also an excessively Yin colour. If you paint your bedroom walls black, you will be prone to be lethargic, depressed and will lack energy even after long periods of sleep. You may also develop illnesses that are related to excessive Yin energy, i.e. arthritis.

Black can be used in soft furnishings i.e. bed linen or prints for calming effects. However, if too much black is introduced into your living space, then you might experience melancholy. Theoretically, black represents the water element, so it should be able to stimulate the romance element wood as water gives birth to wood. However, the other colour that represents water, blue, is a more popular choice when it comes to increasing one's romantic prospects.


Blue represents the water element and thus can be used to enhance the romance element wood as water gives birth to the wood element. Hence, placing blue soft furnishings (i.e. cushions, upholstery, curtains) where the romantic wood energy is located will enhance the prospects in your personal life. It is a soothing colour and can also be used to introduce calm to an excessively Yang environment. However, if there is excessive use of blue in your home, then adverse effects will occur: the environment will become excessively Yin and there is the increased possibility of you feeling melancholic, depressed and lethargic. For instance, if all the walls and ceiling in your bedroom were painted blue, you will find yourself lacking energy and feeling pessimistic even after long hours of sleep and rest. Thus, the colour blue should be used appropriately.


Article by: TeleLIFE

Posted: May Issue 2009


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