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Is Rahul Gandhi in Love

What's The Scene Between Rahul Gandhi And Isha Sharvani?


Rahul Gandhi's name is being talked about once again and only this time, it is not to do with politics, it is in connection with an up coming actress from the film industry, Isha Sharvani. TeleLIFE finds out more…

How two individuals are drawn towards each other is a big mystery. It certainly defies logic. Sometimes people hailing from two different professions or belonging to completely diverse sections of society are able to cement close bonds effortlessly. It has nothing to do with one's social status as long as the vibes are strong and chemistry is unique. The bonding becomes all the more intriguing when the two individuals involved are great communicators, impressively talented and outgoing. The debonair, dashing and dapper Rahul Gandhi is undoubtedly the most eligible bachelor in the country today.

The good-looking Cambridge-educated business consultant is the Congress party's future Prime Ministerial choice and he is also being seen as the perfect person to keep the premier's seat warm for him. With his impressive electoral campaigns and a smashing turnout at his public rallies across states, Rahul could well be the country's future. Even within the Congress party, he has been at the helm of affairs of late. But politics aside, at the end of the day, Rahul is an attractive, young and good-looking man who has had his shares of link-ups too.

It became national news when Rahul flaunted his ladylove Juanita at public functions, whom he fell in love with at Harvard. Not many know that she is the daughter of a Colombian businessman and was said to be spending a lot of time in New Delhi. In fact, Rahul had traveled with her to a resort in Kerala's Kumarakom backwaters in the company of sister Priyanka and her husband Robert Vadra a few years back. However, Juanita did not stay at 10 Janpath, the Gandhis' home while in Delhi. According to sources, she had stayed at the family farmhouse on the outskirts of the capital. But soon, she strangely went into hiding and no one heard of her. According to the buzz that had generated in Delhi's power corridors, the budding romance was nipped in the bud for political reasons.

Now Rahul's name is being talked about once again and only this time, it is in connection with an up coming actress from the film industry, Isha Sharvani. Isha, the daughter of accomplished danseuse Daksha Sheth had made an impressive debut into Bollywood with Subhash Ghai's magnum opus ‘Kisna'. Though ‘Kisna' proved to be a dud, Isha continued to make waves with her impeccable dance performances at stage shows and public appearances. Firstly, she was linked with cricketer Zaheer Khan. The awesome twosome was romantically involved and never hid their romance from the public eye.

According to reports, the couple was facing a lot of family pressure, as Isha's parents are conservative and did not approve of her involvement with the cricketer. Later on, the couple decided to end their relationship because things were not working between them anymore. Even after their split, they continued to be good friends and Isha conducted herself with utmost dignity.

There was no bad blood or mud slinging which is usually the norm in showbiz. Concentrating on her career and dancing, she moved on in life till she clinched Zoya Akhtar's ‘Luck By Chance'. The film might not have set the box-office ablaze but Isha's performance has won her both, theaudience's love and critical acclaim. With a path-breaking film like this, Isha has finally got a right vehicle to showcase her talent.

When the power circles heard about the growing closeness between Isha and Rahul, everyone was taken aback. To begin with, both have nothing in common. Rahul comes from India's first political family while Isha has grown up learning classical dance under the guidance of her mother. If whispers in the high society circles of Mumbai and New Delhi are a yardstick to reckon with, then Rahul and Isha are often spotted together at social dos. Says a source from Mumbai's cocktail circuit, “One still does not know how they met and it will continue to remain a mystery because neither of them is going to talk about it.”

What led to the hearsay about the couple is a slew of occasions when they met publicly and really bonded well with each other like true buddies. According to another insider, “The first time one actually saw them together was at Milind Deora's very private reception party in Mumbai. Rahul walked in alone and so did Isha. At the party, they were seen spending a lot of time together and the entire group of Milind's friends were quite surprised to see Isha there.”

The next time tongues started wagging at a ferocious pace was when Isha was spotted at a do held at a Mumbai restaurant, Tetsuma, which was hosted by Milind's friends for him and his wife.According to an eyewitness at the party, “Again she happened to be there.” One of the hosts was Yuvraj Bahl who is socialite Parmeshwar Godrej's nephew. Industrialist Gautam Singhania was also present. Wait till you here this! Once again the same visual was witnessed when Rahul and Isha sauntered in separately and then mingled with each other with a great level of comfort.

After the party, the entire group landed up on Gautam's personal yacht, MY Ashena. And there too, Isha was spotted even though none of Gautam's friends really know her well. A Delhi socialite has this to recall about the yacht shindig, “In Rahul Gandhi's friends' circle they know her as one of his close friends though they don't know whether they are actually seeing each other.

Even if they are, people should not make a big deal out of it. They are young, single and if they have something common amongst them it is good for them.”

Considering Rahul Gandhi's high profile stature in the country, even mere friendship could be mistaken for something more. It is just the mystery factor attached to this episode, which isadding more fuel to people's curiosity.

That also explains Isha's stance as was evident when we spoke to her. When asked about her growing friendship with Rahul, she said, “I don't know where these rumours are coming from. I don't want to give any comments on it. I do not want to clarify because there is nothing to clarify.” But what about the fact that they were seen together at Milind Deora's party? “This is not true,” isha added. ”I was even linked with Mukul Deora in the past.” When asked if she was in touch with Rahul, Isha commented, “I wouldn't like to comment on this.”

Till the time either of them openly admits to this growing friendship, the grapevine will continue to remain abuzz. Let's hope the truth is out soon or it'll end up being just another society rumour.


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