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DM honours cleanest shops

The cleanest shops in Naif area of Dubai have been honoured by the Dubai Municipality (DM) in a contest as part of the "Say YES to a Clean Naifî campaign", which was held during October and November last year.


Above 200 retail shops in Naif area had participated in the clean store contest. The shop Anjerdan was the winner in the contest, while Haji Bin Mohammed Ali store became first runner up and Golden Tiger store second runner up, said Hassan Makki, director of waste management department at DM.


He presented prizes, certificates and mementoes to the winning shops.


"During the contest, people were asked to maintain a clean environment in the store, avoid eating, drinking and smoking in the stores, not carrying too many bags inside the stores, not leaving goods outside the stores and not dropping litter on the pavement," he added.


According to Makki, the campaign was held as per the strategy of the department in conformity with the strategy of the municipality.


"This commercial area in the emirate was given focus during the campaign to enhance the area's hygiene and environment standards. We tried to create awareness among the residents about general cleanliness by asking them not to throw dirt, cigarette butts and other wastes on the roads and stop spitting in public places, in addition to discouraging the practice of hanging clothes on the balconies deforming the good image of the city," he said.


"The clean store contest among the commercial shops consisted of a field survey throughout the campaign days to know whether the shops in the area were following safe and healthy practices in disposing off different kinds of wastes as well as maintaining general cleanliness inside and outside the shop," he added.


Makki said the campaign was also aimed at activating the positive role of the society in ensuring a system in the area that serves the different commercial activities.


"The campaign will be taken to other areas of the city such as Al Ghubaibah, Sabkha, Al Fahidi, Al Karama, Al Qusais, Al Quoz and other areas very soon," he said.  




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