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SLC organises lecture on child's capabilities

IN co-operation with the British institute for development, the Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC) hosted a learning lecture entitled: "How to develop your child's capabilities."


The lecture was delivered in English by Sheena Reynolds, director of the institute, at the banquet hall in the club. A large number of parents attended the lecture


At the beginning of the lecture Sheena emphasized on the relationship between the mother and the child from the beginning of pregnancy and the things that must be carried out in order to increase the child's capabilities. When the child is in his mother's womb he is aware of things around him and so the mother has to take advantage of this point and start talking to him. Parents can also increase a child's senses when he is born by touching, movement and listening and so parents have to make sure they are always near their newborn baby.


Sheena also discussed some aspects that are being ignored by parents when raising their kids, which in return may affect the child while growing up. She also offered solutions to parents in how to deal with their kids in certain situations


Amal Al Amir manager of Basateen preschool at Sharjah ladies club also commented by saying: Many mothers find it difficult to deal with their children, many of whom are still new to motherhood and so they do not know the right way to raise their children and develop their capabilities. Many studies show that a child's capabilities are best acquired when he is young and many parents ignore this fact.


And so our aim from this lecture was to focus on how parents play a major role in teaching their children how they can improve their abilities and capabilities. I thank the lecturer for giving advices to the audience. This lecture was given to show the great interest the club has in developing kids and making sure parents are aware in how to raise them and develop all their capabilities from childhood. Its also part of the current year plan of Basateen where we will be hosting lectures from time to time about parenting.


At the end of the lecture parents were given the chance to ask questions and engage in several discussions revolving around the same topic.




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