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By Debasree S, Editor
If you are fascinated by the martial art form of Kung-fu, then the Wafi City might just be the place to be in during the DSF. Shaolin monks from the Chan Buddhist temple at Song Shan have arrived all the way from China to fascinate vistors with their authentic display of the martial form. Not just Shaolin monks, there are Japanese geishas too and finally Korean break dancers who make the most difficult of back-breaking feats possible in an awe-inspiring show called the Dubai Fringe Festival.

The annual cultural and performing arts festival has heralded a new era in the establishment and promotion of world cultures and performing arts. Striking a perfect balance between grace and power, the display of martial arts by Shaolin monks, themed break dance shows and traditional oriental dances that Japanese geishas used to perform centuries ago, the Dubai Fringe Festival is attracting visitors by the droves.

The themes break dances by Seoul Bursters deliver a must-see performance. Kim Woo Chan the leader of the group took time out to talk to “I am elated to be in Dubai and this is our debut performance. We have all trained from the age of 6 to perform the way we do. Dance is my passion.” Hosted in Dubai, the Middle East’s vibrant commercial and entertainment capital, the Dubai Fringe Festival is the first fringe festival in the Middle East celebrating various forms of cultural and performing arts including but not limited to theatre, comedy, circus, visual arts, dance, and music.

The Dubai Fringe Festival serves as a world-class platform offering aspiring local, regional, as well as international artists the opportunity to gain international recognition, exposure, and awards necessary to grow and succeed. The Dubai Fringe Festival is the brainchild of a collaborative partnership between the Dubai Shopping Festival, the world’s premiere shopping festival, and Total Concepts International.

Posting : 31/01/2008
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