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Dubai finds 35m tonnes of construction waste daily


Construction related waste in Dubai emirate during the first half of the year 2008 has reached 6.3 million tons with 35million tonnes of waste discarded daily, some statistics revealed.

According to the reports from the Dubai Office of Waste Management, the solid waste from real estate projects during the first six months of the current year witnessed to be double in comparison to the waste production in 2007, which was 3.3 million tons, a 13.7 per cent of increase from 2006 figures. If things continue at the current rate, the amount of waste from construction sites will be double in 2008.

The individual share of construction-related waste in the UAE ranged between 1.8 and 2.2 kilogrammes. Many observers attribute this to high income levels, the diverse basic needs of everyday life, and the increase in spending rates in the country, which amounted to Dhs320million, according to recent statistics made available by the Office of Economic Planning in Abu Dhabi. This rate presents a potential danger to the economy because it consumes 50 per cent of the UAE's total output due to individuals' daily spending, amounting to Dhs100, compared to Dhs13 in other Arab countries.

Experts say that project holders should provide suitable leadership to render projects successful according to scientific methods that go hand-in-hand with project holders' needs, through constant guidance to project workers. He also stated that everyone involved should contribute to the decision making process, and that problems relating to projects should be resolved in accordance with health and safety measures and the ideals of environment preservation and on-going growth.

Prof Dr Muhammed D. Al Azzawi, a member of the Emirate Energy Award Committee of Dubai Quality Group, explained: "In general, waste problems occur due to errors in the developing process, including lack of connectivity and understanding between the designer and project executive, not knowing what the project manager wants, inability to manage the project, bad design, and lack of skillful and efficient workers, or the ability to train efficient workers to push projects into completion without problems."

"Waste could result from flaws in design. While it is possible to continue work on the project if the design is flawed, it would not be enough, which could ruin part of, or even the whole, project. Waste could also result from the inefficiency of the designer or lack of self-confidence in bringing out the project as required by the developer, the engineer and the project holder," he added.

Waste resulting from power consumption and the inability to correctly assess the real needs for the development process in real estate projects is a topic that has long held the attention of real estate developers and investors, especially with the ever-increasing cost of construction materials, coupled with high energy costs, high operating costs and final project outcome.

Waste problems are shared responsibility between developer, engineer and lead project holders.

Source: Gulf Today

Posted: 23/07/2008

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