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VAT (Value Added Tax)

UAE will soon introduce a 3% value added tax (VAT) in the first quarter of 2009, as a part of a GCC-wide initiative. Since its introduction in France in the mid 1950s, VAT has been implemented by countries all over and now its UAE’s turn to face the music. This decision has been a direct hit for the residents who are already over burdened by the sky rocketing rents and inflation. Although it’s considered to be a step towards diversifying public revenues, it’s yet to be seen whether it would a blessing or a bane. Do you think VAT will make an impact on your lives?

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Double Trouble :
Our job is important to us. We don't want any trouble with our employers, so we shut our mouth to every ill treatment. As Expats, we have to think more than about getting another job. Too many lives are at risk, especially when your family is with you. But does that mean we should take every form of nonsense from our boss. Should we allow ourselves to be treated as nothing more than the old chair in the corner? Just because our job is our bread and butter, do we have to go through all this harassment?

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