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US vs. Iraq

“As well as China, France and Russia, the United States is also facing reluctance from Germany, a major ally in Europe, which has ruled out taking part in a strike on Iraq even if there were a UN mandate for it.” – Gulf Today, 21/9/2002

Do you think the stance US has taken against Iraq is justified? Don't you think the US is acting a little too arrogant in this matter, even after many nations around the world is against its strategies. Is this because, as many say, the US wants to gain control over Iraq's oil resources?...

Can US have a say in changing the regime in Iraq? Is it appropriate for another nations to interfere in one nation's personal matters?

What do you think about the whole situation that is currently the hot topic among nations? Give voice to your opinion here…
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Surfers Respond

T. Ummer
The aggressive movements of US against Iraq is not at all a surprising thing for those who have learned well about US foreign policies. We see the US is always talking about democratic and humanitarian values which are never practiced by them towards other countries. They only need to talk about these values in order to get justification to strike other countries and to exploite them. Surely, the countries who offer their silent support to America will learn a lesson.

This make us remember the stance of Germany it's allies and silent supporters during the post Second World War period which eventually made Hitlor, the dictator more arrogant and more aggressive. No doubt, the history is going to repeat. Let us wait and see the consiquences.
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I think Saddam is being decent enough in providing a chance for the UN inspectors to Inspect arms in his country. But, the whole world should coordinate with this...after all everyone wants peace... which can be happily attained by peaceful methods and not necessarily war...
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