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Romance through the net

There are people, young and old, who get onto the chat-line for the fun of it and then find their soul mates in the cyber space. How can two sensible people just chat through a screen and fall in love? How can anyone fall for each other without even seeing each other? Are we growing up in an age where loneliness is so strong that we are falling for illusions? Well, whatever logic we can come up with against this growing phenomenon, the fact is that people are falling for it – and more and more relationships are blossoming in front of the screens.

Whether or not these relationships are a success depends on the individuals – as in any other relationship. Well, may be more.

Tell us what do you think of this kind of relationship. Do you think it will be a success? Or, do you think these relationships are doomed to failure. Should we encourage these kinds of relationships? Especially when our own children are the victims of it…?

Give us your opinion and maybe a piece of advice to all those who are already in the grips of net romance.

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