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Rain-filled memories

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day,
Little children want to play,
Rain, rain, go away!

A popular rhyme, but it feels strange to hear that in a country where the first rain drop itself is a matter of celebration to many.

As the first teardrops from heaven falls down and splatter, it is not rare to see faces peeking out of the balcony; hands stretching out to feel the rain drops falling; mums and dads bringing out their lil' ones to show them what rain is (though the first thing they learn to sing is the above rhyme!!)..!You could see anything strange as a father bringing out his months old baby out to shower in the rain! A testimony to how rain starved we are!

A year had gone by since we saw the last raindrops…and it is no overstatement if we say that it is a blessing that comes with the commencement of the Holy month. So, let us not waste our time gazing out on the rain. Instead, let us rejoice in the renewed freshness it brings and enjoy it to the full while it lasts.

As the mother earth soak herself in the fresh water, let us memorise many of our childhood rain-filled memories. Share with us one of yours…

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