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Wedlock - a pain or gain?

Western culture have greatly influenced many of the developed and developing countries by now, thanks to the over exposure of television channels. So now, more and more youngsters prefer to chose their partners out of their own will, rather than abide by their parents wish. Well, the question of right or wrong will lead to a major debate, so let us for the time being stick to the question of success rate in both love marriage and arranged marriage.

Most of the lovers dream a bed of roses ever after as soon as they say, “I do,” but quiet often the roses withers away, and in the place thorns stick out. A few do manage to keep the roses fresh… great work indeed! However, mostly, the romance dies soon after the realities settle in. Then the trouble begins… The feeling of intimacy is no more there and the words of love whispered in the early days comes back haunting. Most couples out of fear of the society or thinking of the kid's future manage to stick on in what they call a “lifeless marriage.” This is in fact, more tiring than leaving it all behind. The frustrations mount and many cases end in tragedy.

As for the arranged marriage, there is no place for dreams or high hopes, well at least to a certain extent, in the beginning. Most people get into this kind of marriages with lots of apprehension and careful thinking. In fact, they face the reality sooner than the ones already in love. Here they are not blind by love, when they tie the knot. They gradually fall in love and the “familiarity breeds contempt” comes much later for them. It does not mean that there are no failures in this type of marriages. Many fails to ‘fall in love' with their partner when they come to know that he or she is not that “knight in the shining armour” or the “lady in the dreams,” who they have been waiting all along…

Well, as one said, it is the individual who makes or breaks the relationship. Still, do you think that the love marriages have a greater chance of failure than the arranged ones? On the other hand, does knowing one's partner before the marriage helps in the success of the relationship?

Let us know your opinion on this…
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Surfers Respond

I would prefer and think Love marriage is better compared to arranged. Well, everyone have there own view point and many people might even disagree with me.. but for me, the thought of marrying an unknown person is just.... scary enough. At least in Love marriage the advantage of knowing the person is there. But in terms of failure, that depends on the couple, how they face the different situation of life and the level of understanding shared by them.

It's not that all love marriages are successful just coz of knowing the person before marriage. But neither are Arranged marriage. So the only thing I can say is that both are good in there own terms. It all depends on ur luck:)

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Surfers Respond

I feel both r the same a love marriage you know the partner before you get married and in a arranged one you get to know a person later ..failure or success depends on how you adapt after marriage and does not depen on love or arranged.

As some one has put it its a gamble like in a cards game u play it blind or play it seeing.

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