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Country Roads Take Me Home...

Many of us feel nostalgic when we hear that song…

Wherever we are, or however happy we are at whatever we do, there are times when we feel at lose. We long to go back to our roots… to smell those flowers in our garden back home, smell the sand after the first rain, to bask in that familiar surroundings, to dwell in that feeling of belonging…each one of us have our own special memories of our home land, which we at times so badly want to reach out to…

However, most of us face with stark reality when we visit our homeland after a long break. Our place we thought was ours has changed so rapidly, that we fail to recognise. The old feeling of warmth is there no more. We realise, we have become foreign at our own land. The place we belong to has lost that familiar feeling. We don't ‘belong' anymore…

We are like nomads, not belonging to any place…

As an expat, do you regret leaving your country and your loved ones? Do you think it was worth all your sacrifices? We are foreigners here - who we chose to be - but how can you cope with the feeling of foreignness in your own motherland? What can you do about it?

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