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The lost touch

2/10/2002 – Gulf Today
ABU DHABI: Police have found two Asian children, a boy and a girl, abandoned on a two-seater pram on Khalidiya Street on Monday.

1/10/2002 – Gulf Today
Mother sells twins for Rs230
BHUBANESWAR: A mother in Orissa sold her seven-day-old twins for Rs230 (Dhs17.69) to stave off starvation.

Has the word ‘Mother' lost its true meaning? In poverty, in happiness, until death do us apart…. isn't that the promise given before that umbilical chord is cut? How can a parent, especially a mother, give away her own flesh and blood? Desperate circumstances will drive people to do extremes. But does that justify abandoning one's own child? Isn't it a mother's responsibility to take care of her children no matter what?

We lose words reading this news. But let us voice our opinion for tomorrow's mothers. Let us warn today's youngsters of the responsibility of motherhood… or maybe we shouldn't avoid the part of fathers, and say, parenthood.

So, voice your opinion here…

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Surfers Respond

Ghausia Iqbal
Its not only the responsibility of mother to bring up the children, its the responsibility of father as well. If a mother abandons her child it means that she and the child had been abandoned by her husband. Its not easy to cope up with life alone especially if the mother is illiterate or sick.
There are thousands of true examples where the mothers have sacrificed their entire lives bringing up their children alone killing their basic desires of womanhood. Who appreciates them and want to remember them?
Can any one give me a single example of a father who lived as a widower or divorcee spending his whole life looking after his children, earning, cooking, feeding, sending them for school, teaching them to do their homework day by day patiently, stitching and mending their clothes and even shoes when needed, running errand, attending all parent & teachers meeting, present at each and every function of their school or college, finding proper matches for children, doing all the arrangement of marriages, tolerating the insults of childrens, in-laws and working harder and harder to load the in-laws with gifts of their demands and at last, living a lonely life after settling the children.
Many mothers are going through these hardships because of irresponsible men who divorce their wives or unfortunate deaths which leave the ladies high and dry.
A mother must be extremely miserable to abandon her children which she will repent whole life.

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Surfers Respond

The Joy and the responsibility of motherhood is what I want to talk about today. Having a child is the first step of being a mother. The next step is raising the child.
Accepting the responsibility of motherhood and viewing it as a pleasure gives new hope to the world. When we see ourselves as women creating life, we can begin to value who we are and what we offer. When we view ourselves this way, and accept that we are the keepers of life, then we will not want to harm the life that becomes created within us, and we will take full responsibility to guard the gate of creation using the forms that have been given to us by Science and Religion, mainly birth control and abstinence. With this perspective we will experience a decline in the need to have an abortion. I believe that because life has been so ruthlessly caste aside by many, countless times, it has become more difficult for numerous women to conceive. As we understand the joys of creation and respect our responsibility, we will see a rise in "wanted births." What a pleasant relief this would be for our society. Enjoy your children and celebrate when they become women and men and join in adulthood. And give them the education and knowledge of the responsibility of their ability to create.
But, I do really feel pity for both the mother and the kids. We should imagine the cirumstances which forced her to sell the babies for worthless pennies which are not going to support her throughout her life but just for a period of time and her life still persists the same with the word "poverty" which is never-ending.
And there is one more reason - the lack of support from the men. The men should also realise that it is their responsibility too in upbringing the child.
I do really appreciate Ms.Ghausia Iqbal for bringing the facts of reality about the responsibility of true fathers. If men realise this, then there would be no mother selling her babies in order to make her living for a short while.

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