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No More Soft Drinks

FAST food shops will serve fruit juices and milk instead of carbonated drinks to children.

A Dubai Municipal spokesman said the fast food restaurants did not have any choice in the matter as the municipality was trying to protect the health of the children. "Growing children need more nourishment, and juices contain many vitamins that would help their bodies to grow well. Soft drinks would affect their growth negatively," he said.

The municipality needs your help! "We cannot work alone. We need the help of society to ensure that the rule will be fully implemented." Only Milk kids. What do you think?

Schools have been directed to regulate soft drinks in the premises, with a total ban on the serving of soft drinks and chips to children in schools.

Surfers Respond
Personally I think it takes away the right of the fast food restaurant in deciding what the make up of their product is. In this regard, it concerns me. However, my children are quite fond of milk but my concern is that the milk that was provided when they recently went to a fast food restautrant was extremely sweet and of the long-lasting variety. So my request would be, provide milk by all means but please ensure that it is unsweetened and not of the long-lasting variety; otherwise this regulation becomes self-defeating.
Senan Gibson, Dubai
It is a superb move. I fully agree with this. I wish everyone follows the same footsteps working towards the benefit of growing children of this world. It is a fantastic idea. Keep it up!! It will really help children to remain fit and fine. These drinks are simply addictive and are no good for children.
Bharat Bhatia
It is really a commendable idea to ban the selling of cold drinks to children. Dubai has shown the way towards helping our children enjoy a healthy upbringing. I wish the entire world follows Dubai's footsteps.
At least when the kids throw a tantrum for a soft drink, our hands are tied and we can't give in to them. Maybe the first country to do so... I love this idea. Can't wait to take my son for his fast food and watch the surprise when he has to have milk or juice instead of those awful fizzy drinks.
Why do all kids love the fizzy drinks ?
Mansura Ebrahim
This rule does not specify the age of the child. I have cause to worry, folks because I am 15 - and I have all the vitamins I need!
I fully agree that children should have milk and juices and stop having carbonated drinks which do not provide any vitamins.
I am so relieved. But what do I do if my child (age 4) throws a tantrum at the fast food outlet? She loves carbonated drinks. Anyway I am grateful to the authorities.
Wow! Dubai must be the first country to do something like this - don't we need it for all our overweight, lethargic children here in the US of A!!

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