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Change in labour card rules for working women

Khaleej Times, July 14, 2002

Labour cards for working women sponsored by the husband or the father will be cancelled automatically when the card expires and will not be renewed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs under the new fee structure. Instead, companies will have to reapply for a new labour card.

Under the new fee structure for labour transactions, the fee for issuing a labour card for a working woman sponsored by her husband or father will be Dhs1,200 to be paid in two installments: Dhs200 at the time of submitting the application and the remaining Dhs1,000 when the ministry's approval is granted. The fees have to be paid by e-dirham.

At present on the expiry of the labour card of a woman, sponsored by her husband or father, the company applies only for renewal, a facility that will stop with the implementation of the new labour transaction fee structure.

What will be the implications of the new labour card rule? Will companies be ready to take on women on family sponsorship if they have to cough up Dhs 1200 annually for reapplying for their labour cards?

Will this rule serve the widely believed objective of encouraging the employment of UAE national women by companies? Are the women on family sponsorship really encroaching upon the job sphere of the UAE national women? Which would be beneficial to the companies –employing UAE national women or women on family sponsorship?

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