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Empowering Children

 Recognising Sexual abuse in a child
 Empowering the Child
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Dubai-based businesswoman to sue Miss World's father
A Dubai-based businesswoman is suing Dr. Ashok chopra, the father of Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra, for two alleged counts of sexual assault that took place when she was 12.
The Gulf Today, Monday, January 22, 2001

Recognising sexual abuse in a child
Children who are sexually abused may:

  • Behave differently when the abuse starts.
  • Care less about their appearance, or their health.
  • Talk or act sexually at too early an age.
  • Be secretive and stop talking about home-life.
  • Start soiling themselves.
  • Be unable to sleep.
  • Suddenly find physical contact frightening.
  • Run away from home.
Remember: none of these signs prove that child abuse is present, since any of them may be noticeable at one time or another. But when they occur repeatedly or in combination with one another, the child may be suffering abuse.
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Empowering the Child
"...Protect the child from all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse..." (article 34)
- UN Convention on the Rights of the Child -

All children are potential victims of sexual abuse. As parents and well-wishers, we have to:
 develop, each at our own level, our capacity to listen to children and to hear what we would sometimes prefer not to know about (even when the children do not express the pain they feel verbally).
 make the child aware of their rights and of what is, or is not, acceptable behaviour on the part of the adults around them. The child who is sexually abused sometimes believes that the adult is entitled to act as he does;
 spread awareness of the people and organisations who will listen to the child in a sexual abuse situation and will provide help.
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Surfers Respond
Two years ago, I was chatting with three female colleagues and I was shattered to know that each one of them had undergone sexual abuse of some degree, either from a neighbour, a family friend or an assistant in the local laundry! I am a mother of one daughter aged 6 and I have told her to keep away from strangers and let me know if anything unpleasant happens to her. I do not want her to be distrustful of every man she sees, but how do you draw the line?
Samiha, Dubai
Emotions and motions are but a small trace
From a torn up soul without any glory
So what if they say "I'm sorry"
There are no words to describe
the horror and the pain
From a trauma that has driven me insane.
Words of a survivor
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