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Shwarma Shifted Indoors

Surfers Respond
Dubai shawarma stands to be shifted indoors
The Gulf Today, Sunday May 7 2000

Dubai Municipality has asked the shawarma shops in the Emirate to shift completely indoors. The shop owners have been given six months time to shift their business indoors. "By Oct. 1 all the shops will have to shift the shawarma machines inside the shops in a clean and hygienic place," said one official.
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This is a simple proposal of earth-shattering implications -a classic case of the authorities not being sensitive to the resident's basic needs:

His need to double-park
Double parking is an art that is not given its due. To step out of a car, ignoring the loathful stares and blaring horns, requires a great degree of stoicism. The Shawarma stand instils in its patrons, a single-minded devotion that could have, given time, been harnessed for purposes higher than the next meal.

His need to stand and stare
Shawarma is just an excuse to while away the evening obstructing the movement of harried pedestrians to the greatest extent possible. The evening hours were joyfully spent standing in the sweltering heat by the Shawarma stand, watching the world go by. As the Shawarma mob is shoved inside the cool confines of the restaurant, they would, we imagine, reminisce about the good ol' days.

His need to pollute
Take this need away from him and he has to find his happiness in merely littering the landscape with those tiny blue plastic bags. A cruel fate, indeed.

His need to triple park
The authorites have taken away a major boost to the self-esteem. The traffic chaos that your car can create, parked as it is next to an already double-parked car makes you believe in yourself. All is not lost however. You can always triple-park your car to collect the laundry or better still, to do your monthly shopping.

Take these basic needs away from him and what are you left with? A law-abiding Dubai resident who has to relearn the art of using the hazard lights.
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Surfers Respond
Roopa Savant
If Shawarma's are shifted indoors it will obviously be better. Even then, how can the food be hygienic because each time I see it there is more and more food stuck to the roller. I feel the food on the inner sides of the roller must be so old. How do people eat the stale meat? Can there not be a better and healthier way to prepare shawarma rather than slicing it from the age-old meat stuck to the roller that is kept open for god knows how long?
Smiles, Dubai
I think it would be better to have the shawarmas stands in a covered area, otherwise the dust and sand from the roads tends to stick to the meat. But the municipality should also keep in mind, the people working at the stands. They stand in front of the heat all day. The authorities should ensure that their workplace has enough ventilation.
Arjun Gupta, Dubai
Shwarma outlets shifted indoors? The shawarma stands are part of the culture of the Emirate. Moving them indoors will not set them aside from any normal Lebanese restaurant. It is important to retain some of Dubai's traditions, and keeping the stands outdoors will keep alive the image of Dubai being a modern society, which has not forgotten it's roots.
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