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All work and no joy

Surfers Respond
You are here for the money and the tax-free environment. In the endless pursuit of a better bank balance and a better car, there is simply no room for job satisfaction. What animal is that? Submit your views and win!

Assuming that you are doing what you are qualified to do, do you leave the office each day with a sense of fulfillment? In a region where the Public Relations Officer is a clerk who does the rounds of government offices processing liquor permits and visas, most of us, unfortunately, learn to dump our dreams quickly.

Sam Swaminathan in his weekly articles speaks of organisations where "the most valuable asset is in the heads of the staff". Are your ideas acknowledged, let alone implemented or rewarded in your company?

He also talks of a company having "the right climate and being a fun place to work in". Is yours one?

Sam talks of "Companies that launch great initiatives, only to see them fall by the wayside, two weeks or two months down the road". We'd like to know of your company's initiatives towards improving the work environment.

Regarding the future, Sam talks about "the challenge to get the staff thinking about the future". Have you done some gazing in the crystal ball lately? If so, we'd like to have a peek as well!

Submit your views and win!

Surfers Respond
I have been reading the views on job satisfaction posted on your site. Great stuff. Keep the comments coming. GoDubai - you are starting a great movement of mind-wiring here.
Sam the Storyteller

How many places do you get paid to read books that you would read anyway? How many bosses would take the initiative to implement ideas that come from you and work at it? How many places do you have flexible work timings where you can come in a little late or leave a little early and not have the boss breathe down your neck as long as you meet your daily deadlines. How many work places do you get where sitting in the library and reading newspapers from across the globe is part of your work. Throw in a reasonbale salary, good friends and a tax-free environment. Who would want more? I am blessed!
You truly are! The question is - do you have a vacancy out there?

I am working for an electronics company. My job is challenging and very tense as I have to operate in a very competitive market werein customers are always asking for discounts. There is no provision for this and when I lose a customer on this count, I am accountable to my boss. He is not happy with the daily turnover and there is the fear of losing my job
Depressed Sales Person.
Your boss needs to "roll up his sleeves and work with you at times". For now, we hope a GoDubai goodie will cheer you up.

All Work & Plenty of Joy!
I work in an educational institution, and it is wonderful to be a part of the process that transforms the shy, nervous student to a confident, mature, capable adult. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders. I enjoy my work and find that education is truly a wonderful blessing and can be used not only to better yourself, but to better the world - one step at a time, one day at a time.

Anyone who works in my place will feel satisfied with himself every day. As a nurse in the Psychiatric Department you should know what I'm talking about. Everyday we see different people in different moods and conditions and when each one of them gets back to normal, we forget how many tough it was when he was sick. I really enjoy helping people to feel better so I can feel better about myself. Don't believe anybody who tells you that the nursing job is not good or very tiring. You just see the results and come and tell me.
Very inspiring. Hope you enjoy the GoDubai Goodie that comes your way.

I had to tell you about this fantastic place that I am employed in, where the people are friendly and the work gets done on time! I am working for a global telecommunications organization and it is my first job in a real working environment. The environment is absolutely amazing. It is not the usual stiff upper lip kind of a place that most people generally come across in the UAE. I am the youngest person on the job but here everyone is treated the same and considered to be part of the group from day one. It is a place where your work is recognized and hardwork is appreciated . Everybody is ready to lend a helping hand and individuals are self motivated to perform. Here lunch time means sharing with others and having fun(Unbelievable....just like school where you freely share lunch boxes!). People here are courteous and friendly. I believe that this is unique to this company alone! I could go on about the virtues of this organization, but really, you have to be here to believe it!! It is a place where you can learn about good things and positive attitudes, where people when they ask you how you are doing, actually mean it!! And this is not just my opinion, but one that is shared by everyone who works here.

Be thankful everyday for what you have and who you are. If you appreciate life and appreciate work. Even though my job routine is often monotonous, boring and unbearable at times - I thank my stars for this opportunity to work. There are many who are unemployed. I define my job as a merely secretarial and my company does not give me any scope to rise above that. But even then I opt to continue working in the same company for many other reasons. My colleagues are all friendly and my boss is pretty helpful as well. Plus I have my family here to support me in whatever I do. Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate every day wish my cirmcumstances were not so modest, I have much to be thankful for.

Life in the Gulf is a boring routine. You will find rootless people with rootless thoughts. The lifestyle in the Gulf is like the shifting sands of the region i.e. depending on the wind the sand shifts and so do people. The general attitude is of no commitments, no responsibility and a lot of back-stabbing in an effort to rise higher in the corporate ladder. I am sure all these things happen in other parts of the world too, but here they seem more prominent, due to the insecurities attached to living and working here. Anyway, I have been fortunate enough to have my family members here and a bunch of good friends. Then again on the friendship front, I have to say that it is nothing in comparison to the life back home.
Lots more to say...

I would like to add my views regarding the place where I work. It is a trading company dealing with electronic goods. I work as an asst. Sales Officer. My job is challenging. I get to meet new customers daily, and learn a lot about the business in their respective countries - something I have always liked to know. My boss is an elderly figure and helps all who are working for him. I like my job very much. And thanks to you for providing this forum to voice my views regarding my work and job. Feels good!
Submit your views and win!

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