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Gulf News, Aug 5 2000

Individuals who eat fast food regularly can make healthy choices.

  • Choose broiled or grilled food over fried or deep-fat-fried food. When eating burgers and other sandwiches skip the heavy sauces and extra trimmings.
  • Choose salads whenever possible but beware of creamy dressings and toppings.
  • Emphasise fresh vegetables topped with a vinaigrette or reduced calorie dressing.
  • Choose baked potatoes instead of french fries.
  • Stay away from fried fish sandwiches. They are usually the highest fat option. Try a grilled chicken sandwich instead. Choose mustard dressing instead of mayonnaise.
  • Choose low-fat milk or fruit juice in place of shakes or sodas.
  • Split large or high fat items with a friend.
  • Ask for pizza with less cheese and choose vegetable toppings rather than pepperoni and sausage.
  • Choose sandwiches on whole-grain bread instead of croissants and biscuits.
  • Have low-fat frozen yogurt, fruit ice, or sorbet for dessert.

Email your healthy choices

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