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The Fans need a Break!

Surfers respond

All the greats of contemporary cricket seem to falling off their pedestals. In this high-stakes game of finger-pointing, there is hardly a player who has not been tainted. However, the most disturbing aspect of this scandal is the cynical silence amongst the cricket fans as their heroes fall by the wayside. A 'controversy-fatigue' of sorts seems to have set in. Is it that we don't care anymore?
What do you think? Submit your views.

Telelife, June 2000
It is high time that ICC and Boards of all cricket playing nations address the problem seriously. A professional approach is essential and strong steps need to be taken to put an end to all this. The ICC must announce harsh punishment and lay down a code of conduct. Visiting teams should exercise caution in off-field social contacts. If they are approached by anyone suspicious, the matter should be reported immediately to the host country.
Surender Khanna - Former Indian wicketkeeper/batsman
Surfers Respond
I think this whole thing is a joke, They are all involved, should it be the Cricket Boards, Cricketing body, or who ever. they have all accepted money, and now it is all a drama.

I am an ardent cricket fan. I just freak out when cricket matches are going on.But after this match fixing controversy, I have totally lost interest in cricket. I think its time that ICC take action against people who are involved in this. And I dont know what has happened to this so called 'A Gentleman's Game'
Adil Hussain

It is really a shame that all this is happening to such a wonderful game. Now when we watch a match, we are not sure if the match is real or is already fixed. But one thing is sure, the guilty should be punished and soon. Whatever action has to be taken, should be arrived upon at the earliest so that no harm is done to the innocent and the cricket lovers. We are looking forward to seeing some real, interesting matches soon, with the best talent in the world. Let this be the way to filter out the guilty from the teams and give way to real talents who will once again bring glory to the game.

It appears that most of them are involved. Match fixing cannot be done by Azhar or Saleem Malik or Cronje. Just like winning a cricket match is a team effort, loosing one is also a team effort. It is time the ones who are involved knee deep are thrown out and the game revived.
Lionel Lobo

It is difficult to prove. As long as match-fixing allegations are not proved, it is not correct to point fingers at anyone.

Players in Pakistan, for instance, are not being paid enough and that is the justification for resorting to these avenues. I personally cannot justify such behaviour. Hopefully, with the higher remuneration, these players will stay honest.

One guy (Hansie Cronje) has been caught and he is trying to drag other cricketeers as well. It is so difficult to prove. Even if betting becomes legal, it would be difficult to stop match-fixing. The only positive aspect is the 5-year ban imposed by the ICC on any player convicted of match-fixing. Exemplary punishment will act as a deterrant.
Ali Baig

I''m sure that under no circumstances will I act in a manner as Hansie Cronje has done, especially when I''ve the responsibility of the entire country on my shoulders.

I will always wonder when there is a dropped catch or a run-out or a stupid shot. It can't be helped. The game is now tainted.

What do you think? Submit your views.

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