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Women - gossip less, work harder

Gulf News,21 May 2000
Religious committees are urging residents, especially women, to spend less time on the telephone and more time on their domestic chores. Ahmed Abdul Galeel, a committee member in the Reform and Social Guidance Association, said that in a small, conservative society where everybody knew everybody else, it was easy to indulge in gossip.

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Galeel, who also teaches Islamic Studies at Saeed bin Gobair Secondary School, was speaking at Al Nahdah Women's Association on the theme of idle chatter. He said that women spent hours on the telephone, often discussing everybody in the emirate, including people they didn't even know.

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Some men had lost good friends as a result of their wives' idle gossip. Religious committees have been involved in situations in which men have threatened domestic violence as a result of rumours spread by a telephone-talking wife.

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But eventually it is the responsibility of the man of the house to ensure his wife doesn't misuse the telephone. The husband should even disconnect the phone, he said, if his wife proves to have an incurable penchant for telephone gossip.

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