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Liposuction should not be considered a quick-fix remedy for obesity problems because it can be fatal, a leading plastic surgeon has warned. Studies show that for one in 5,000 patients the procedure may have lethal results.
Gulf News, July 8, 2000

What is Liposuction?
Liposuction is the surgical vacuuming of fat from beneath the surface of the skin. It is used to reduce fullness in any area of the body. It is an excellent method of spot reduction but is not an effective method of weight loss.
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Who is a right candidate for liposuction? In general, people who are near or at their ideal body weight and who have localized collections of fat achieve the best results with liposuction. People who are over their ideal body weight may in some circumstances be candidates for liposuction as well. Skin elasticity is important to allow the skin to shrink to the new contour postoperatively. There are no absolute age limits for liposuction, rather the patient's health is the more important consideration.

Can the fat grow back?
Doctors believe that once the fat cells have been removed by liposuction, these same cells do not grow back. The patient's new, more balanced and pleasing silhouette should be long lasting or permanent following liposuction if proper diet and exercise are a continued part of the plan. Usually, if the patient does gain weight in the future, the change tends to be distributed proportionately over the entire body. The same applies to weight loss.

Is Liposuction an easy weigh loss solution?
Tahir believes people regard liposuction as an easy weight-loss solution. Many people prefer a yearly visit to a Plastic surgeon than working out a healthy lifestyle. But he declared that "liposuction was the final stop, not the first, and doctors should advise their patients likewise." As a surgical procedure, liposuction raises the possibiliy of complications.

Dangers of Liposuction
According to Dr. Tahir, "Liposuction can be dangerous in the hands of people who aren't well-qualified to do it. Our societal near-obsession with body image and shape, combined with the limitations of diet and exercise, has created a tremendous public demand for Liposuction. Liposuction essentially involves removing stubborn pockets of fat that accumulate in the sub-cutaneous layer - the layer beneath the skin and above the muscle. "Over the years, the fat cells in this area increase in size and number, increasing the distance between the muscle and skin," Tahir said.
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