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Quit Smoking Campaign

To observe World Anti-Tobacco Day on May 31st, a series of anti-smoking education campaigns were launched by the Ministry of Health.
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The talk about smoking hazards, is as old as the habit itself. Neverthless the number of cigarette smokers continues to rise. The macho and peppy image of the reel-life hero wielding a cigarette, has made an indelible mark on the youth. Society's clamour about the dangers of smoking all but falls on deaf ears of those who continue to be spellbound by the rough and tough Marlboro hero. To kick the tobacco habit, click here.

Are you ignorant?
Smoking is injurious to health. This plain, simple statement says it all. For heavens sake, we cannot pretend that we have not seen the warning. In addition health magazines and portals are inundated with information about the ill effects of smoking. The list of dreadful diseases that may barge into the smoker's life like cancer, asthma and infertility, keeps increasing. The question then is, who is ignorant out here?

Sugarcoated promotions
Inspite of the numerous campaigns, smoking the habit is still growing among the youngsters in UAE. Where do we go wrong while shouting from the rooftops to stop smoking? The sugar coated promotions and raffle draws meant to wean smokers away from that alluring white stick will not work. It took time to learn smoking, so the same applies while quitting also.

The traumas of those who are trying to kick smoking should be brought to light. The revelations should hit the smokers hard. But ultimately it is your will and determination to get rid of the habit that will work. The false image associated with smoking has to be dispelled from the young minds.

Smoky Sponsors
The government effort to literate the public will definitely yeild some results. Driving home the point incessantly may have the desired effect. Distributing pamphlets and guidebooks through hospitals, clinics and health centers will help. There is much more the authorities can do if they are sincere to the cause. They should not turn a nelson's eye to the fact that cigarette companies are the sponsors of many gala events in Dubai. Defacto, they are feathering their own nests through such marketing gimmicks.

Who is responsible for such socially deplorable activities? It takes much courage to tighten the hold on these big guns and bring them to the dock. An ounce of doing is worth tons of talk.

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