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Choosing your college education

Choices are increasingly difficult amidst the many options today. Of course there are the lucky ones who are in perfect rhythm with themselves so that they know instinctively what they want and they just need to go for it. But there are some who

  • are dazzled by the variety of options for college education today

  • face the pressure from parents and

  • face peer pressure

The successful ones are definitely those who have a dream and know how their talents can help them realize it. Carefully choosing a stream of education can take you towards a career where you could be happy. A career occupies a major part of your day and how you choose it depends on how happy and successful you are. Choosing a college education is a start to this end and is not an easy choice in today's world.

Freedom of choice
Today's' teens have a lot of freedom when compared to those a couple of generations before. Majority of the parents are more open to the idea of their children choosing their own majors. Well if you want to follow the family lineage and follow a certain career and make yourself successful in that is also left to you. This is easy as the path is already charted and you just need to follow and it and provide your contributions to it. But if you want to do something different then the first step probably will be to convince your parents about your choice.

What my friends are doing?
What your friends are choosing as major subjects in college plays a major role in your decision making as well. Usually in the peer group, there will be certain major' or careers that most of your friends are taking and which are considered to be the coolest thing to do. Amidst this pressure the discerning youth of today should choose a major which they personally feel will interest them and that would make their future career options fruitful.

If in doubt
Teenage brings with it a lot of confusion and especially so when you are forced to choose your path. If in doubt it is always better to ask experts, because they have been there and have a wealth of experience that could help you. Experts will lead you to resources and help you come to a decision which is best in your case. There are so many counselors and advisors available today who could help you out when you are confused and under informed.

Education is a privilege
There is a small minority who like knowledge for what it is. They are the scholars or research minded students. But most of the students considering colleges just want to get a degree that will guarantee them any fast track job.  Though a college education has to be decided depending on your career dreams, it should be kept in mind that college education is not just training for a career, but a privilege and an opportunity to gain knowledge which will make you an intelligent and informed person, capable of successful and fruitful living in today's society.

Get to know yourself
No expert or teacher or parent can help you if do not know what you want to do or where your interests lie.  It is a challenge to decipher your lasting interests and dreams from the pot pourri of opportunities that lie before you. This done, there will be no stopping you in making for yourself a successful and rewarding future.
It is better to keep in mind that changing careers is a natural occurrence nowadays. As you grow out of your teenage and into adulthood, you learn and unlearn a lot of things. You would need to adapt to the changes both in you and in the constantly changing standards and circumstances of the world we live in.
Especially in the UAE, the possibilities for youths today are endless. What with the worlds best educational institutions within your reach in Knowledge village? And the best possible student loans by various banks, you just need to pick from the rich choices that you have. Good luck.



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