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Dubai Ladies Club Summer Camp


Dubai Ladies Club organises Summer Camp

ARTS and craft will form an integral part of this year's Confident Kids Camp, hosted by the Dubai Ladies Club.
The four-week summer camp will start on July 2.
Colette Mol, manager of the Art and Talent Centre of the Dubai Ladies Club, said the club is offering the camp with the aim of developing confidence in children by creatively combining arts and craft, physical, musical, and performance-based activities.
"The camp provides stimulating, challenging and enjoyable opportunities for girls and boys," he said.
The camp will offer varied programmes specifically designed to challenge and support children in the process of identifying personal strengths, learning new skills, increasing self-confidence and making new friends.
"It will offer activities that generate opportunities for exploration and creative expression and enhance the social, physical, moral and intellectual development of children. It is clear that a child who has self-esteem is happier, more creative, better adjusted, more confident and resilient," Mol added.
He pointed out that the camp activities have been planned in such a way that it will expose students to the possibilities that the arts offer -- as a means of self-expression, a way of experiencing beauty around us, and a mode of understanding cultures.
It will encourage children to experience and develop their intuitive and creative talents.
"We have planned activities for the camp, while keeping in mind the participants' physical fitness. Activities will include music sessions, taek wan do and gymnastics, dental care and hygiene, water polo and other games, fashion design as well as an educational city tour," he said.
He said every week will have a special theme. Activities of the first week will focus on ways to instill a sense of confidence and achievement in the young.
However, one activity that will stand out will be the creation of a puppet show focused on the worlds of the camel, horse and the sea, three things that hold immense meaning for the Arab way of life.
Mol said such activities will help create an atmosphere where learning can be fun.
"We do not want the young summer campers to feel that they have finished one school only to join another.
"That is why we have decided to teach several non-academic skills that are normally not taught in schools," he said.

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