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Starry Quiz

 Starry Quiz by surfers
  Wannabe Quizzards

Congratulations to Tripti Mankani of Ras Al Khaimah and Tejasvi of Abu Dhabi. They win the cool 'I'm a winner' GoDubai Tshirt!

Starry Quiz is brought to you by two young GoDubai surfers, Nimisha (10) and Aditi (7), this being the first of many such quizzes from children for children of all ages. Here's a rundown of the total lunar eclipse! Check the questions and answers!

Q.1 Who is the first man to enter space?
Yuri Gagarin

Q.2 Which one of these spacecrafts landed on Mars?
Viking spacecraft

Q.3 How many kilometers is the earth away from the sun?
Over 1 billion kms

Q.4 What is the planet Venus called?
Morning Star

Q.5 Who discovered Uranus through a telescope?
Sir William Herschel

Q.6 Which Greek God is Neptune named after?
The God of the Sea

Q.7 How many men have walked on the moon?

Q.8 Which star is clearly visible over the Australian skies?
The Southern Cross

Q.9 How many times larger is the sun as compared to the earth?
1,000 times

Q.10 Who was the first person to look at planets through a telescope?
Galileo Galilee
Q.11 This constellation has seven stars shaped like a plough?
The Great Bear

Q.12 Brightest artificial satellite visible from the earth?
Mir Space Station

Q.13 What was the first creature in space?
A Dog

Q.14 Who was the first woman to travel to space?
Valentina Tereshkowa

Q.15 Scientists believe that a great mass called Pangaea broke up to form our continents.

Q.16 The sun is the earth's satellite.

Q.17 During the Lunar eclipse the following occurs :
The earth comes between sun and moon

Q.18 What was Armstrong's aircraft called that landed on the moon.
Apollo 11

Q.19 Which planet appears blue in colour?

Which planet has icy rings around it?

Wannabe GoDubai Quizmasters?
Send in 10 questions on any given topic (with the right answers, ofcourse) and your picture (optional) and you will be our quiz masters for the week.
Get those grey cells working now!

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