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April Fool!

Laughter's the best medicine! Did you plot about the trick you would play on 1st April days in advance? Or was it an impromptu decision? Did you dare to try it out on your boss or teacher? Here are some hilarious anecdotes from GoDubai surfers!

Dar Alealan

On that particular day I had completely forgotten it was April Fool's Day since I was very busy with my routine office works. While I was surfing the internet,I saw a new site which said I could have dinner with my favourite star on any particular day of my choice and all I had to do was register my name. I was all excited and promptly registered my name and chose my wedding day(24th April) as my preferred day. With baited breath I waited for the next response! Suddenly, out popped a big smiling face on my computer screen. I had been made a fool of!


I want to share an experience of being fooled recently on 1st April. My brother who is a very clever boy dialed 110 on the telephone. The bell rang He ran to take the receiver and said,"Didi your friend's phone has come". I love chatting on the phone so it was a great chance to chat. I ran and when I was about to talk on the phone my brother standing behind me chanted "Happy April Fool's Day!" I could hear the usual dial tone on the phone!

Neelofer Sheikh

My cousins are staying with me because their parents are in London at the moment. And these kids go to school and wake up everyday at 6 am. On April 1st I decided to play a prank on them. As usual I woke them up. After finishing their stuff- bath, dressing up etc., they came down stairs to have breakfast. Boy! Were they sleepy! Their bus comes around 6:30. I asked Suha (one of the cousins) to take a peek through the balcony to see whether the bus had arrived. When she drew the curtains, she found this big message staring at her face. (It was written by me, of course). It read: ITíS ONLY 3AM! Happy April Fools Day!!! She gave me the most disgusted look ever!


I had not planned actually to fool anyone that day but suddenly I saw my niece online who recently appeared for her SSC exams. So I kind of casually asked her how her exams, were they over etc and had she by any chance seen that day's newspaper. I was confident she hadn't since she never does read the morning papers! I then told her that there was an announcement in the newspaper that the exams for the CBSE Board will be retaken as the examination papers were disclosed before the exams. She got so tense and started calling all her friends to find out if there was any such news in the newspaper! Well I had to disclose that I was fooling her after her mother forced me to tell the truth!

Cynthia Edurina DSouza

As 1st of April came after Easter Sunday, one of my colleagues gave me an Easter Egg. I was really very happy to get it. As soon as I went home I opened the colourful wrapping around it, it was full of chocolate. I was delighted and thought that there would be chocolates inside but friend had put two egg yolks in it! I was so irritated until it dawned on me that it was 1st of April!

Shivon Thadani

My cousin called me up on the phone and said "Shivon! Quick! Turn on the TV! Osoma Bin Ladin is dead!" Ofcourse I beleived him and turned on the TV and...boy, was I made to look a fool!


I don't know if all of you are going to find this hilarious, but had you seen my husband's face you would have burst into laughter. Since we both start work at 8am and live in a studio Apt, mornings is a mad rush. As my husband takes longer in the bath we have decided that he should use the facility first. On 1st April when it was my turn to use the bath I walked in and yelled "Yuck! you have forgotten to flush and look at the toilet seat! Its all messed up!" My husband who is so very particular about cleanliness and systematic about everything, came running, with his pants half down and nearly out of breath, looking appalled asked "Where? Where? I don't see anything!" To which I casually replied "neither do I!" You should have seen the look on his face!


One of our managers gave his secretary a number & asked her to cancel a dinner appointment with Mr.Lion & postpone it to the next day. She called the given number only to realise that it was the Dubai Zoo number!

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