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Spring by William Arnold
"This is a poem written by our little son William (in pic) when he was five years old. Now he is eight years," says Angela Arnold.

Beetles dancing in the hot sun,
Rabbits pouncing up and down,
Snowdrops growing happily together,
Butterflies dancing in wildlife,
Caterpillars waking from their winter sleep,
Blossom falling from deciduous trees,
Buds are growing on trees once again,
Crocuses rising from their winter rest,
Grisly bears come out of hibernation.
These are the things that come out in the spring!

William Arnold

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Crocodile by Michael Friganiotis

Cecil the crocodile was very sad,
He found it difficult to be bad.
He loved playing with frogs,
Turtles, fishes and little dogs.

Daddy Croc thought Cecil was a "sook",
Tasty humans were not given a second look,
And Mummy kept telling him to act tough,
So one day Cecil said, "Enough is enough!"

"I only like eating berries, fruit and nuts,
And playing with children, near their huts.
I like a swim and a friendly splash,
From me, please don't make a hurried dash.

Thus, in Australia's north, there's an unusual croc,
Who won't give you a great big shock.
So, if Cecil invites you to come and play,
You needn't be frightened - don't stay away!

Michael Friganiotis

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