(Estd. 1979)
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(Member of Judo, Taekwondo & Karate Association - Dubai, U.A.E.)
Karama - (9714) 372335, Deira - (9714) 252102,
Sharjah - (9716) 543840,
Ajman -(9716) 441551, Al Ain (9713) 657352
Email : sebukan@emirates.net.ae

Supreme Sensei (O. Sensei)
Zenpo Shimbukuro
9th Dan
Head of the Institute
Shorin-Ryu Seibukan
Karate Association
Okinawa, Japan

Karate is the oldest martial art human civilisation has known and it is one of the most formidable self defence disciplines. This unique martial art form lends strength and flexibility in both body and mind to its practitioners, regardless of age. However, if started early, it has tremendous potential for helping youngsters radiate energy and enthusiasm and moulding them into dynamic personalities.

The United Karate Sports Centre has played a pioneering role in popularising the disciplines of karate and kobudo through its prestigious centers in the Emirates. These Centres provide a rare opportunity for those keen on martial arts, to practise the original Okinawan Karate Do, one of the most powerful and graceful styles of Karate.

A team of well qualified and experienced instructors ensure personalised attention as you progress from the white belt to the yellow belt and then to the Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and all the stages (Dan) of the Black belt right upto the 10th Dan. Though emphasis is given to self defence combat techniques, the sports aspects of karate are also taken care of. The performance of Karatekas in open karate tournaments is a true indication of the quality of training at these conveniently located centres.


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