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Water Can Kill
Caution at sea

In the last seven months, 15 people have been reported drowned off Dubai's coast, and another 21 fatally injured. Most of the accidents had occurred due to the swimmers' carelessness. Post your message.

In the wake of the increasing drowning accidents, Dubai Police, along with the Dubai Municipality and the Ministry of Interior, have intensified vigil on beaches. Rescue-boats, helicopters and jet-skis are being used for rescue operations.

Children below the age of 18 have been barred from jets-skiing and instructions have been issued that nobody should indulge in the water-sport unless they are sufficiently experienced to handle the jet-skies.

Records show that most of the accidents have occurred at the open beach in Jumeirah and the Mamzar beach. "There is an urgent need for the residents of Dubai to be aware of the consequences of swimming after dusk," say the authorities. Some words of caution:-

  • One should not swim after taking large quantities of alcohol, anti-depressants or any other drug that has a tranquilising effect.
  • Men and women suffering from heart diseases, blood pressure and other serious ailments should be barred from swimming in the high seas ; if they are caught in cross-currents they will find it difficult to break free.
  • Also, life-jackets are a must for children and adults even if they are swimming in shallow water. There are times when they are carried further by the sea currents.
  • Parents should also take adequate care of their children and ensure that they do not go into the sea unchaperoned.
  • The swimmers should not get too close to the stone barriers where there is a possibility of getting hurt if the waves are high.
  • It is equally imperative that the swimmers understand the instructions that are issued by the coast-guards. A red flag at any time of the day is a sign of danger and swimmers should keep away from the sea at that point of time. A white flag would indicate that it is safe to swim with life jackets.

What are your suggestions/comments on safety on beaches. Post your comments

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